His father won best documentary Oscar. His grandfather wrote “Citizen Kane.” Producer Director NICK DAVIS has nothing to prove.

How Skateboarding, Surfing and Climbing Became Olympic Sports

Lifestyle fads have evolved into some of the world’s fastest-growing sports. Now they are to debut on the world’s biggest stage – the Olympic Games. Step inside the journey of three new sports born on the fringes of society –…

Definitive Doc on Superstar Golfer in ‘Tiger’ but Shortcomings are Baked In

By Jonathon Norcross “Tiger” is a two-part HBO documentary on the life and career of superstar golfer Tiger Woods. Produced by Alex Gibney and directed by Matthew Hamachek and Matthew Heineman, the choice of filmmakers was criticized prior to the…

‘The Ultimate Race’: These Ultra Marathoners See This Race a Different Way

By Gregory Crofton Almost overnight the book “Born to Run” unveiled to the world a community of natural long-distance runners from the canyons of Tarahumara, Mexico. The Rarámuri could tolerate hours of running on rough trails wearing sandals made out…

Mickey Rourke on His Boxing Days

In episode one of Off The Ball’s new series ‘Andy Lee Meets…’ in association with SEAT and the new SEAT Leon, the former-World Champion sat down with film star and boxer, Mickey Rourke. (Source: OffTheBall)

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