Coney Island NYC 1976

Coney Island NYC 1976 – A film by Cosmas Demetriou that features The Cyclone roller coaster. Filmed on location in Coney Island Sound Recording: Daniel Matalon

‘First Call’ is About Drinking In Manhattan at 8 AM

A 50-minute documentary about people from Manhattan who liked to drink in bars during the morning. Most New York City bards during that era offered “first calls” ie. the bar opened and would/could serve you alcohol starting at 8 a.m.…

Interview with Jim Morrison’s Father and Sister

This interview is from “When You’re Strange” DVD bonus material.

A Portrait of Domestic Violence

Photographer Donna Ferrato shares the story of her creative relationship with Sweden couple Elisabeth and Bengt, her unexpected documentation of domestic violence through her coverage of their toxic marriage, and how her photos catapulted her life and this issue to…

Covid-19: The Last Call

A story of a family devastated by NYC’s COVID-19 outbreak and how the highly infectious disease has upended the ways loved ones connect — and say goodbye. #Coronavirus #NewYorkCity #Documentary First, her daughter spiked a fever. Then, her aunt was…
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