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‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ New Feature Documentary by Matt Tyrnauer

The nonfiction magazine RealScreen just announced a partnership with WestDoc, an online platform that posts interviews with documentary filmmakers.

The Most Over-Fished Sea in the World

The Mediterranean supports countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa—but its fish stocks are almost completely collapsed. Meet the man who is leading attempts to revive its marine habitats. (Source: The Economist)

Lost Tapes of ‘Studio 17’ deliver unheard reggae music from top artists

By Gregory Crofton In the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, reggae took root above Randy’s Record Mart. In the late 1950s a second-hand record store owned by Vincent “Randy” Chin became a “watering hole” for musicians and songwriters. Chin had gotten…

Imposing journalist Molly Ivins is sorely missed these days, doc helps us remember why

By Gregory Crofton Good journalists can be a check on political power. In the day and age of President Donald Trump, a stalwart journalist and advocate of citizen rights like Molly Ivins is something we as a country are sorely…

Kurt Vile in Upstate New York

A month before the release of his excellent 2018 album Bottle It In, Kurt Vile retreated to the Catskills in Upstate New York for a weekend of solace. Residing in a 20-bedroom Victorian estate called Big Indian Springs, Vile spent time preparing for…
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