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The (Mueller) Report: Lawfare & Goat Rodeo Series

On April 18th 2019, the Justice Department released the redacted Mueller Report to the public. The 448 page document details a story that has captured America’s attention. From Russian plots to interfere in our election to constitutional questions of executive…


For nearly a decade, Amazon has recruited thousands of RVers for a seasonal labor unit called CamperForce. This short doc looks at the near Depression that hit in 2008. (Source: Field of Vision) Adapted from the book Nomadland: Surviving America…

A Decentralized Web is Coming

Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are in the federal government’s crosshairs, but the technology necessary to undermine their dominance may already exist. (Source: ReasonTV)

Climate Change: The Trouble with Trees

Tree-planting has been hailed as a solution to climate change. But how much can trees really do to tackle global warming? See our research here:

The Crime Story Podcast with Kary Antholis, he speaks with David Simon Creator of ‘The Wire’ Together with his book Homicide, The Corner was the foundation for David’s series The Wire, which has been widely acclaimed as one of the great television series of all time. My aim in sitting down with David was to try to dig into…
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