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Larry Clark and Harmony Korine on the Making of ‘KIDS’

This “KIDS” Q&A was moderated by film critic Eric Hynes and featured director Larry Clark, co-writer Harmony Korine, actors Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Rosario Dawson, producer Cary Woods, and distribution executive Eamonn Bowles (president of Magnolia Pictures). Learn more…

Larry Clark: ‘I wanted to be a writer but I had a camera in my hand’

Larry Clark is a photographer and filmmaker. He directed “Kids” (1995) and “Bully,” (2001) among other films.

Wall Street Traders in 1980

David Hoffman: “When I filmed this it looked so new and I saw things I had never seen before. Global financial trading. It now looks so old in some ways and probably, if I went to that spot again, in…

‘My Octopus Teacher’: A Kelp Forest and a Different Kind of Love

By Gregory Crofton The brilliant reds, greens and purples of ocean life seen in Ultra HD 4K are reason enough to watch “The Octopus Teacher.” The documentary however delivers plenty of story too, and combined, this film works on levels…

Mickey Rourke on His Boxing Days

In episode one of Off The Ball’s new series ‘Andy Lee Meets…’ in association with SEAT and the new SEAT Leon, the former-World Champion sat down with film star and boxer, Mickey Rourke. (Source: OffTheBall)
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