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New York City Cab Drivers: ‘Days of Black and Yellow’

New York cab and black car drivers are facing economic and emotional hardship in a city dominated by ride-share apps. As these long standing industries are decimated by economic and political forces, drivers are forced to cope or fight back.…

‘INLAND SEA’ drifts through end times on the coast of Japan

By Jonathon Norcross “Inland Sea” is the seventh “observational film” by Kazuhiro Soda. It profiles the inhabitants of Ushimado, a decaying Japanese fishing village, as they cling to a way of life that is rapidly fading. One of the film’s…

Jeff Bezos Revealed

This program explores the story behind Jeff Bezos, the founder of, the world’s most successful online retailer and examines key moments in his life. (Source: Bloomberg)

Gore Vidal and Roy Cohn Interviewed by Host Bill Boggs

Bill Boggs interviews the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn and acerbic author Gore Vidal. Footage Owned by Bill Boggs

Disney CEO Robert Iger Talks about his life and career with Oprah

The CEO of Disney, one of Time’s most influential people of 2019, shares the ideas and values he embraced to reinvent one of the most beloved companies in the world and inspire the people who bring the magic to life.…
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