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Ultimate Space Telescope

Discover how NASA engineers built and launched the most ambitious telescope of all time. How did NASA engineers build and launch the most ambitious telescope of all time? Follow the dramatic story of the James Webb Space Telescope—the most complex…

Don’t Fuck With the Lewises!

“We didn’t lose him, he lost us,” say the family members of the famous rock ‘n’ roller Jerry Lee Lewis in this cool little known documentary. With Jerry Lee it’s always what’s “Out of sight, out of mind.” (Source: JerryLeeChannel)

The Art of Life

As a rising star in the field of abstract mathematics, Michael Behrens discovered that he could see beauty and pattern where others could not. But his path was not to be inside academia, or even inside society. He went on…

‘Look at Me: XXXTentacion’ is Raw, Edgy and Difficult to Not Watch

By Gregory Crofton I was listening to “Rocket Hour,” Elton John’s weekly podcast-radio show, when he told his audience that the new documentary about XXXTentacion was really good. No one knows pop music better than Elton, so I believed him.…

Captain Sum Ting Wong

Names confirmed by the NTSB! Ha. Despite this being tremendously successful prank on the news media, it should be acknowledged that Asiatic Flight 214 crash landed and several people onboard died while others were injured.
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