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Deepwater Horizon: In Their Own Words

Words presents the harrowing story of how a crew of oil rig workers escaped a massive fire in the Gulf of Mexico. (Source: NatGeo)


I Am Sorry from Christopher Durai on Vimeo. Ex-Davidson County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Sykes speaks out through spoken word poetry about a system that has resulted in the deaths of so many black men, women and children.

Stewart Copeland Talks about the Drumming Technique of Charlie Watts

Stewart Copeland talks about the drumming technique of Charlie Watts – Radio Broadcast from Aug. 25, 2021.

Male Stripper Interview: Meet Masin Knox

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Mason Knox, a male stripper in Las Vegas. (Source: Soft White Underbelly)

Listen to Val Kilmer’s Computer-Generated Voice

Actor Val Kilmer’s voice was taken from him because of throat cancer. Old recordings of his voice have been used to recreate it through the use of a computer. Listen. (Source: Sonantic)
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