Bob Dylan Stories: A Guitarist Tells His Best One

Bob Dylan was trying to put a new band together in the late 1980s. Guitarist G. E. Smith, known for leading the Saturday Night Live band, wanted the job. Smith got the gig in part because he knew the old…

Little Richard in ‘Let the Good Times Roll’

Little Richard is a star of “Let the Good Times Roll,” a 1973 rockumentary / concert film directed by Robert Abel and Sidney Levin. It features numerous other stars from the American pop and rock music scene of the 1950s. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Work of John Candy

John Candy is one of the most beloved entertainers of all time. In a career spanning over two decades, he found his way into some of the films that would go on to define a generation. From his days in…

Long Live Benjamin – A portrait painter’s beloved monkey

What happens when a man’s best friend is a capuchin monkey? In the first episode of this six-part documentary, the artist Allen Hirsch makes a surprising discovery while on honeymoon in Venezuela. (New York Times Op-Doc)

Former London Gangster Stephen Gillen Tells His Story

Anything goes with James English Ep/97 The story of reformed criminal Stephen Gillen. Stephen Gillen, a reformed high security category A prisoner involved in organized crime that ended up costing him a 17-year prison sentence. Stephen had a very troubled…
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