Watch Snowboarder Travis Rice Survive an Avalanche

Travis Rice explains what took place before, during and after he was taken out by an avalanche in The Fourth Phase, and how safety and proper preparation is a key part of riding in big mountains like Alaska. (Source: Red…

Size Matters: Surfing 100-Foot Swells off Portugal

The largest and meanest waves in the world slam into a headland in Portugal called Nazaré. Such is this monster break it often breaks those brave – or crazy – surfers who attempt to take it on. (Source: 60 Minutes…

Cliff Jumping Into the Most Beautiful Water in America

They found a beautiful slice of paradise deep in the mountains, an amazing place to cliff jumps. Lots of flips and fun. By far the best water I’ve ever jumped into within the USA. (Source: Adrenaline Addiction)

Massive Cliff Jump

Adrenaline Addiction’s Chase Reinford jumps off a huge San Diego-area cliff in this video.


The Devil at Your Heels, Robert Fortier, provided by the National Film Board of Canada This feature-length documentary introduces viewers to Ken Carter, a Montreal-born stunt driver who made a living by risking his life. The film shines a light…
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