The Last Days of Phil Hartman

Growing up with comedian Phil Hartman in the 1960s Before he found comedy, Hartman enjoyed Southern Californian life in the 1960s. He was the class clown, surfed, picked up painting and lived a rock-and-roll lifestyle. Part 2 – Comedian Phil…


Advice King Christopher Crofton writes a column for the Nashville Scene. Sometimes those columns are made into videos. In this episode, the King tells one of his readers named Clem about the dangers and challenges of using cocaine.

ADVICE KING: Priced Out of East Nashville

The Advice King explains gentrification to an “artist.” Read more of Chris Crofton’s advice at the Nashville Scene and subscribe to the Advice King YouTube channel here.

ADVICE KING: Dating an Entertainment Lawyer

Advice King tells Jerry from Santa Clarita to date a public defender, and that 60 percent of Americans are part-time baristas.

James Toback vs. Norman Mailer: The Incident

A short documentary shot in a New York City diner about a feud movie writer James Toback got into with legendary novelist Norman Mailer.
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