SELENA: Famous Singer’s Headquarters Under Construction in 1994

A broadcast news crew gets a tour of the Selena’s family compound, still under construction in 1994. She was shot dead that following year by a woman who ran her fan club. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez died at the age of 23.…

Interview with Jim Morrison’s Father and Sister

This interview is from “When You’re Strange” DVD bonus material.

Brian Wilson Interviewed in 1976

Brian Wilson, the founder of The Beach Boys, talks about his songwriting process and the harmony he makes with his brothers and cousin. He also talks about his use of cocaine.

Diary of a Song: How Olivia Rodrigo Wrote ‘Drivers License’

In the latest Diary of a Song, the singer-songwriter and actress Olivia Rodrigo, 18, explains how she wrote her first-ever single — after a good cry, with TikTok in mind — before it took over the world. Subscribe:​ More…

David Allan Coe in 1975: Full Documentary

David Allan Coe is an American singer and songwriter. Coe took up music after spending much of his early life in reform schools and prisons, and first became notable for busking in Nashville. He initially played mostly in the blues style, before transitioning to country music, becoming…
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