1986 Heavy Metal Frontman Defends His Music

Back in 1986 when David Hoffman had a film company in Maine, he looked for new ideas all the time. He went to nearby Belfast Maine to film a battle of the bands with local heavy metal and hard rock…

Stewart Copeland Talks about the Drumming Technique of Charlie Watts

Stewart Copeland talks about the drumming technique of Charlie Watts – Radio Broadcast from Aug. 25, 2021.

Target Video: ‘We Were There to Be There’

Taking place as cuts to crucial social services loom under Ronald Reagan, two legendary punk bands come together to perform a show for patients and staff at a psychiatric facility. Captured on tape by seminal video art collective Target Video,…

SELENA: Famous Singer’s Headquarters Under Construction in 1994

Selena. A broadcast news crew gets a tour of the Selena’s family compound, still under construction in 1994. She was shot dead that following year by a woman who ran her fan club. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez died at the age of…

Interview with Jim Morrison’s Father and Sister

This interview is from “When You’re Strange” DVD bonus material.

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