Richard Jewell: 2002 ’60 Minutes’ Interview

From the archives: More than five years after being falsely accused of the ’96 Olympic bombing, Jewell said he was still tortured by the experience. The bomb was planted by Eric Rudolph, who has been convicted for the crime. (Source:…

David Bowie on the Impact of Internet

David Bowie told the BBC in 1999 that the internet was going to have a bigger role in society than people could even imagine. (Source: BBC)

Reporter Matt Taibbi Talks about His ‘Insane Clown President’

Covering presidential campaigns are a tremendously expensive affair. Taibbi’s last three-day trip with President Donald Trump cost more than $12,000. Taibbi talks about how Trump took advantage of the public’s hatred for the corporate media during his campaign. Reporters covering…
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