The Fifth Estate: Murder on Cortes Island

In 2010, a wealthy artist was killed in his home on a remote island in B.C. Nearly a decade later, the mysterious death is now a cold case. Fifth Estate producer Harvey Cashore returns to Cortes Island, a place he…

Unsolved Mysteries: Murder by Horseback Ride – Season 1, Episode 1

Solving a cold case murder involving a couple that took a horseback ride together but one of them didn’t come back alive. Dave Davis, her husband, was not the man he seemed to be, and had his wife’s body cremated…

Ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Gives Wide-Eyed Denials About Her Crimes

In never-before-broadcasted depositions, attorneys for the Securities and Exchange Commission ask Holmes questions about whether she helped orchestrate an “elaborate, years-long fraud.” (Source: ABC NEWS)

The Zodiac Killer Solved?

Crime writer Aphrodite Jones investigates the cold case of the Zodiac Killer.

The Spot where a Gambino Crime Boss was Shot and Killed

Frank Cali was shot at least six times and killed after his silver Cadillac SUV was rammed outside his Staten Island home. Anthony Comello, 24, has been charged with Cali’s murder. Police said Comello backed into the gangster’s care to…
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