Former London Gangster Stephen Gillen Tells His Story

Anything goes with James English Ep/97 The story of reformed criminal Stephen Gillen. Stephen Gillen, a reformed high security category A prisoner involved in organized crime that ended up costing him a 17-year prison sentence. Stephen had a very troubled…

Examining the Black Dahlia Murder

Chronological overview of the Black Dahlia case involving Elizabeth Short and her mysterious unsolved Los Angeles murder in 1947. Format: Video (1993).

The True Story Behind ‘Just Mercy’

In 1992, Ed Bradley reported that the wrong man might have been sitting on Alabama’s death row. “Just Mercy,” a movie about the case, opens in theaters this week. (Source: 60 Minutes)

Victims of Jeffrey Epstein Speak Out About Sex Abuse

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal – Tara Brown reports how a New York billionaire masterminded an international sex trafficking ring of young women, and why wealthy and powerful men, including Prince Andrew, are now implicated in the saga. (Source: 60 Minutes…

‘Wild Bill’ Murders His Way Through Panama Paradise

William “Wild Bill” Holbert was convicted of killing five expat Americans in idyllic Panama province. Learn more about Holbert here.
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