The Fifth Estate: The Disappearance of Dylan Koshman

It’s one of the oldest unsolved missing person cases in Edmonton’s history. Dylan Koshman disappeared on October 11, 2008 after leaving his house, following a fight with his roommates. The Fifth Estate, of the Canandian Broadcasting Company, talks with family,…

‘HOLY HELL’: Director of Cult Documentary Interviewed

“Holy Hell,” a documentary directed by Will Allen, tells of the filmmaker’s time with the Buddhafield, a Los Angeles–based “spiritual group” he joined in the 1980s. Director Will Allen shares clips from the documentary as well as the trailer, and…

Is There Other Life in the Universe?

Does life exist anywhere else in the universe? And how did it get started? Scientists are seeking the answers in the cosmos, our solar system and right here on planet Earth. (Source: The Economist)

What Is Consciousness?

Understanding what consciousness is, and why and how it evolved, is perhaps the greatest mystery known to science. (Source: The Economist)


A documentary about the Zodiac Killer that emerged in 2007 with the 2007 DVD release of David Fincher’s Hollywood film “ZODIAC.” Documentary covers every aspect of the investigation and includes interviews with the original investigators and surviving victims.
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