Ted Bundy’s Secret World

Charming law student Ted Bundy became a mythic figure in American crime history, killing more than 30 women in six states in the 1970’s with a gruesome MO that included keeping some of their bodies for days. On the 30th…

The Atomic Soldiers

This week’s Op-Doc is “The Atomic Soldiers,” Morgan Knibbe’s haunting oral history of the United States’ nuclear weapons testing program in the 1950s and ‘60s. As many as 400,000 American servicemen took part in those tests — experiencing nuclear blasts…

The Border Hacker

A computer hacker tries to make his way home through two countries, a dense jungle and a seemingly endless string of technical challenges. (Source: Snap Judgement)

Afghans Still Face a Deadly Taliban

After more than 16 years of war, Afghan civilians live each day under constant threat, as U.S. forces and the Afghan government struggle to secure the country. Despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the war since 2001, U.S.…

Broadcast Reporter Harold Dow Remembered

A “48 Hours Mystery” tribute to five-time Emmy Award winning correspondent Harold Dow who passed away on Aug. 21, 2010, at the age of 62.

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