Post Malone ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ Interview in Southern France

Zane Lowe joins Post Malone in the south of France to discuss Posty’s new album, ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding,’ and his quick rise to fame. Drop down for interview highlights. Malone’s frequent collaborator is producer Louis Bell. (Source: Apple Music Beats 1)

Once it Gets Warmed Up ‘The Seven Five’ plays like a Hollywood drama

By Gregory Crofton Director Tiller Russell (Operation Odessa, Cockfight, Chicago Fire) knows a great story when he finds one, and “The Seventy Five” (2014) is certainly that. It stars an unapologetically corrupt cop named Michael Dowd, someone who can be…

Mac Miller: How a White Kid from Pittsburgh Earned Acceptance in Hip Hop

A lot of people assumed Mac Miller would be just another white boy frat rapper that faded out with time, but Mac evolved and grew up over the years. He was a true artist and never used his whiteness as…

BROKEN: A podcast about Jeffrey Epstein – Ep. 1 “Their Day in Court”

“Broken” is a new podcast (produced by Hollywood filmmaker Adam McKay) about the Jeffrey Epstein case. Epstein was a millionaire pedophile with powerful connections on Wall Street and Washington D.C. (Source: Stitcher)

‘Flow State’: Inside the Mind of a Freestyle Cliff Jumper

The best cliff jumpers on the planet collaborated all summer long to bring you the first ever cliff jumping documentary. Using the Pacific Northwest as their playground, these unique extreme athletes showcase their skill in places few have seen. This…
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