Kurt Vonnegut: The Shape of Stories

Acclaimed writer Kurt Vonnegut uses graphing to illustrate how many stories there are yet to tell. Humanity tends to tell the same ones over and over again.

CBGML Episode 74: Tangerine Dreaming

TANGERINE DREAMING: Soundtrack to a smoother, sexier – false – future. This ersatz future led to pretentious dirty talk, and terrible voting habits. If you wait on a billionaire and they don’t tip you AT LEAST $5000, they are slime.…

Depeche Mode 101: A Film By D.A. Pennebaker

“Depeche Mode 101” is a documentary film by English electronic music band Depeche Mode. It was released on 13 March 1989 by Mute Records. It chronicles the final leg of the band’s Music for the Masses Tour and the final…

Violent Femmes Rare 1983 Interview

Violent Femmes, Rare Early TV Interview, 1983, Milwaukee “At Twelve” w/Howard & Rosemary.

Coney Island – ‘Under the Roller Coaster’

To thousands, the Thunderbolt Roller Coaster was a Coney Island icon, but for Mae Timpano it was home. This enchanting film examines the true-life experience of one woman and her unique relationship to Coney Island living under the famed Thunderbolt…

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