‘HOMEMADE’ takes unflinching look at the impact of modern war on one Marine and his family

By Gregory Crofton The filmmakers followed Adam Sorensen, a U.S. Marine, for six years to document his adjustment to life as a civilian, a move forced by a bomb blast he survived in Afghanistan in 2010. At first he seemed…

Horror with a Real-Life Message

Director Sophia Takal is updating a misogynistic slasher film for the MeToo era. Her producer, Jason Blum, of Blumhouse Productions, talks about the success of horror movies with a political or social message. Simon Parkin shares a story about “deepfakes”…

STAY CLOSE: One Man’s Unlikely Path to Olympic Glory

By Shuhan Fan and Luther Clement Ms. Fan and Mr. Clement are filmmakers. You might think that Keeth Smart, the stoic Olympic fencer portrayed in this film, would be morose as he recounts his parents’ passing or his own brush with death. Instead,…

‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ New Feature Documentary by Matt Tyrnauer

The nonfiction magazine RealScreen just announced a partnership with WestDoc, an online platform that posts interviews with documentary filmmakers.

The Most Over-Fished Sea in the World

The Mediterranean supports countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa—but its fish stocks are almost completely collapsed. Meet the man who is leading attempts to revive its marine habitats. (Source: The Economist)

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