OxyContin Salesman of the Year

Just after he was offered a job at Purdue Pharma, Michael Andersen was watching the news with his wife when a report came on. It was about abuse of Purdue’s pain pill OxyContin, the product he would be convincing doctors…


A short documentary about Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, Virginia. The studio was a second home for Fugazi and other artists of Dischord Records. (Credit: Bryan Davis)

The Founding Fathers

Seven hours! A thorough examination of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Produced by The Biography Channel (People Profiles Documentaries) 0:00 Washington 1:08:56 Jefferson 2:13:45 Franklin 3:13:27 John Adams 4:16:33 Madison 5:07:01 Hamilton 6:18:42 Jay

Herbert Nitsch, The Deepest Free Diver on Earth

Austrian Herbert Nitsch is the current freediving world record holder and is a.k.a. “the deepest man on earth.” Watch and see what happens when you push yourself to the limit. (Source: WMX Presents)

‘breadcrumb trail’: About SLINT

A documentary made by Lance Bangs on the Louisville, Kentucky based band Slint with a focus on their seminal final album, Spiderland. (Source: Killer Potato)

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