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WILCO on Austin City Limits

Wilco’s first appearance on Austin City Limits. Jeff Tweedy left Uncle Tupelo years earlier to form Wilco. This performance took place in 1999.

Elliot Smith Interview in 2000

Legendary singer songwriter Elliot Smith, who died from suicide in 2003, talks to former Rolling Stone journalist Damon Hamm about what chords he likes, among other things. This interview gives you a real feel for Smith.

Comedian Katt Williams Unleashed on Club Shay Shay

The legendary Katt Williams, hailed by many as the greatest comedian alive, joins Shannon Sharpe at Club Shay Shay for an explosively candid conversation. Renowned as one of America’s most exceptional entertainers, Katt fearlessly takes shots at fellow comedians like…

Interview: Jack Nicholson in 1982

Iain Johnstone interviews legendary Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson for a BBC Film special. Jack is infamous for only appearing and participating in very few interviews and promotional events, which makes this video all the more important as it gives us…

Radicals: Michael and Eleanora Kennedy

“Radical Love,” directed by William Kirkley, tells the story of Michael and Eleanora Kennedy’s lifelong dedication to radical political movements—from the Black Panthers to the Weather Underground—and to each other. (Source: The New Yorker)
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