Woody Allen Defends Himself Regarding Child Molestation Charges on 60 Minutes

In 1992, Woody Allen gave a no-holds-barred interview to Steve Kroft to defend himself against accusations by Mia Farrow that Allen molested their then-7-year-old daughter Dylan Farrow.

In 100 Texts, the Story of Love, Heartbreak, and an Unplanned Baby

By Emily Buder When Victoria Mapplebeck found her decades-old Nokia phone hidden in the back of a kitchen drawer, she was forced to relive a story she had worked hard to forget. “I realized I’d unwittingly archived a three-year message…

Willie Nelson and Sons Detail Unbreakable Family Bond

For many years, Willie Nelson worried that he wasn’t a great father. “I’ve been gone most of the time,” he admits of his grueling lifelong touring schedule. “They had their mother there, and I wasn’t there. So there were those situations, but…

Darlene Chronicles

This award-winning documentary chronicles the life of a destitute Appalachian family. Darlene, the housewife, conducts her daily routine: carrying water, fueling a coal stove, disciplining her children, and making ends meet. A personal record of poverty. (Source: WPSU)

Surviving Alone in Northern Alaska

Heimo Korth is the last man standing in 19 million acres of Alaskan wilderness. His neighbors are polar bears and caribous. Say goodbye to civilization and see how they do it in the arctic circle on the last frontier in…

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