Watch a Discussion about ‘CHRISTINE’ at TIFF

Exclusive Q&A about the new film “Christine,” about a suicidal television reporter form Florida, at the Toronto International Film Festival, interviewed by The Guardian’s editorial team.

Francis Ford Coppola on Solitude

“Death is on the back of everyone’s minds whether they want to admit it or not” – Francis Ford Coppola on July 28, 1996. Interview by R.H. Greene when Coppola was promoting his film, “JACK,” starring Robin Williams. (Source: PBS…

Finding the Truth in Nonfiction with Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog shares his insights on storytelling in this clip. (Source: MasterClass)

Ian Brown of The Stone Roses Has His Portrait Painted

Convicted art forger John Myatt paints Ian Brown of The Stone Roses, and talks to him about his life as a famous artist.

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright on Arrogance

“Any man who really has faith in himself will be dubbed arrogant by his fellows” – Frank Lloyd Wright in 1957, as told to Mike Wallace.
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