Tour this Cadillac Eldorado from 1977

From pillowy white leather seats to massive doors with two handles each, and a side view mirror equipped with a thermometer, this enormously stylish boat is the envy of all true men. Car enthusiast and journalist Doug DeMuro guides the…

Jim Carrey is a Painter Too

Comedian and actor Jim Carrey shares his passion for painting, and explains why he likes to paint Jesus. He says the bottomline is “love.”


By Colin Rich (text and video) ‘City Lights’ is the final chapter from my “Trilogy of Light” series that began a couple years ago with ‘LA Light’ and then followed up with ‘Nightfall.’ It was an nightly adventure that took…

Stephen King on Childhood

“The things that really scare us are the things that are going on just outside the spotlight that you can’t quite see” — Stephen King on October 22, 1989 The author takes us on a journey back to his childhood…

Watch a Discussion about ‘CHRISTINE’ at TIFF

Exclusive Q&A about the new film “Christine,” about a suicidal television reporter form Florida, at the Toronto International Film Festival, interviewed by The Guardian’s editorial team.