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DocTalk: ‘BURDEN’ — Filmmakers Speak About Man Who Had Himself Shot for Art (Video)

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Co-directors Richard Dewey and Tim Marrinan discuss the making of “BURDEN,” a new documentary about a performance artist who shocked the world with his violent work in the early 1970s. Chris Burden ultimately left behind this provocative, innovative art when he moved out of Los Angeles to Topanga Canyon. There he began to create large, detailed installation pieces, which includes “Urban Light” (2008), one of his most iconic. 

DocTalk video produced, directed and edited by Barry Rubinow. He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor who worked as Senior VP, Creative for The Documentary Channel.

Read Gregory Crofton’s review of … Read More »

The 8mm Films of Photographer Vivian Maier (3 minutes, 2013)

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A rare glimpse of the late street photographer’s 1970s moving image work. These fragile, observational clips uncover Vivian Maier’s largely unseen experimentation with film. The New York-born photographer spent 40 years working as a nanny in Chicago, simultaneously fostering a secret passion for image-making that led her to document the urban life of America, enjoying her productive peak in the 50s and 60s.

“Vivian saw details that pass us by in everyday life,” says director, curator and the primary caretaker of Maier’s oeuvre, John Maloof. When the photographer died in 2009 aged 83, the tens of thousands of images that she amassed during her lifetime were only just beginning to be discovered. After winning a bid for 30,000 of Maier’s negatives in a Chicago auction house in 2007, it took six months for Maloof to realize the importance of what … Read More »

Steven Spielberg Watches the Oscar Nominations (3 minutes, 1976)

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Steven Spielberg and his buddies are filmed while they watch the announcement of the Academy Award nominations in 1976, the year that JAWS was released. (Source: MediaBurnArchive)

‘Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country’ (90 minutes,1993)

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This documentary takes a look behind the scenes on Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” – a film which examines the highs and lows of ordinary people’s lives. Featuring interviews with the cast, director and widow of the author, we gain a greater insight into the themes of the film. (Source: Eyes on Cinema)

A Day in the Life of Frank Zappa (54 minutes, 1971)

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A documentary on the rock musician, composer and filmmaker Frank Zappa, made for television in Holland.
Directed by Roelof Kiers.

‘TICKLED’ — Competitive Tickling Documentary with Director David Farrier (30 minutes, 2016)

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TICKLED, a documentary about the bizarre and threatening world of competitive tickling, is explored with director David Farrier. We examine the pushback the doc has received from the competitive tickling community, the lighter world of tickling fetishes and the doc’s premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Finally, we take a look at the trailer for TICKLED, in this episode of BYOD hosted by Ondi Timoner. (Source: Bring Your Own Doc)

David Farrier has been a television journalist in New Zealand for more than a decade, often covering light entertainment and “quirky” news. It was in … Read More »

What Movie Have You Watched the Most? (3 minutes, 2016)

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Filmmakers share what movie they’ve watched the most in their lives. A different group of filmmakers answer a single question asked by the Academy.

What Quality Makes a Great Screenwriter? (3 minutes, 2016)

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Filmmakers share what makes a great screenwriter. A different group of filmmakers answer a single question asked by the Academy.

A Peephole Camera in the South Bronx Shows Drug Dealer at Work (2 minutes, 2016)

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A video camera installed in a peephole picked up hours of drug activity in the hallway of a South Bronx apartment building. A resident in building who was concerned for the safety of his family set up the peephole camera. He contacted and sent this video to the police but the problem remained so he moved out last spring. (Source: The New York Times)

CITY LIGHTS (4 minutes, 2013)

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By Colin Rich (text and video)

‘City Lights’ is the final chapter from my “Trilogy of Light” series that began a couple years ago with ‘LA Light’ and then followed up with ‘Nightfall.’ It was an nightly adventure that took me to almost every angle of Los Angeles. It was an exercise in patience. A lesson in light. An understanding of what it is to live amongst each other and to understand the system and order of a city, the seemingly complex organics that make it up and the life form that the city truly is. A visualization of sonder.

It was a daily jaunt to watch the arterial freeway systems pump car cells through its body and channel them to the capillaric avenues that are our neighborhoods and homes. It was a chance to break away from the 70mph freeway … Read More »