Steven Spielberg Watches the Oscar Nominations

Steven Spielberg and his buddies are filmed while they watch the announcement of the Academy Award nominations in 1976, the year that JAWS was released. (Source: MediaBurnArchive)

‘Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country’

This documentary takes a look behind the scenes on Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” — a film which examines the highs and lows of ordinary people’s lives. Featuring interviews with the cast, director and widow of the author, we gain a…

A Day in the Life of Frank Zappa

A documentary on the rock musician, composer and filmmaker Frank Zappa, made for television in Holland. Directed by Roelof Kiers.

‘TICKLED’: Interview with Competitive Tickling Documentary with Director David Farrier

TICKLED, a documentary about the bizarre and threatening world of competitive tickling, is explored with director David Farrier. We examine the pushback the doc has received from the competitive tickling community, the lighter world of tickling fetishes and the doc’s…

What Movie Have You Watched the Most?

Filmmakers share what movie they’ve watched the most in their lives. A different group of filmmakers answer a single question asked by the Academy.