Surviving an ISIS Truck Bomb in Mosul

In a harrowing scene from “Battle for Iraq,” an ISIS truck bomb explodes just feet from where Guardian reporter Ghaith Abdul-Ahad is spending the night. (Source: Frontline)

Deepwater Horizon Survivor: Chief Electronics Technician Mike Williams

Watch an extended version of Scott Pelley’s interview with Mike Williams, who was the chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon. He recalled the explosion, subsequent fire and his harrowing escape from the oil rig.(Source: CBS NEWS)

Domestic Terrorism at Lake Tahoe with Casino Bombing

In 1980, a maid discovered that a copy machine, placed in a busy Las Vegas casino, was actually a bomb. Agents and bomb experts were called in to disarm the deadly device and stop the dangerous extortionist who built it.…

Errol Morris Short Documentary: ‘DEMON IN THE FREEZER’

Smallpox was always present, filling the churchyard with corpses, tormenting with constant fear all whom it had not yet stricken, leaving on those whose lives it spared the hideous traces of its power, turning the babe into a changeling at…

Storm Stories: Tornado Hits Downtown Nashville

Recorded on March 8, 2004, this TWC Storm Stories episode gives an account of the infamous tornado that struck downtown Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, April 16, 1998. Includes cameos by News Channel 5’s chief meteorologist Ron Howes, as well as…
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