‘The Salvation Kingdom’: Sister of Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton Narrates Documentary about Brother

A new documentary about late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton has been released online. It’s titled The Salvation Kingdom and it’s narrated by Burton’s sister Connie. Watch the full 90-minute film below. The documentary focuses on various topics including Cliff’s childhood,…


On January 23, 2018, Slayer announced that it would wrap up its 37 years together with one last tour around the globe. Before the band begins that final sojourn on May 10, Tom Araya, Kerry King, Paul Bostaph and Gary…

BREADCRUMB TRAIL: The Story of Slint

A documentary made by Lance Bangs on the Louisville, Kentucky band Slint, with a focus on their seminal final album, “Spiderland.”

The History of Touch and Go Records

A brief history of the indie/punk/post-punk Chicago label Touch and Go Records, with appearances by Steve Albini, founder Corey Rusk, Jon Langford, Brian McManahan of SLINT, PEGBOY, Jeff Mueller.

Lou Barlow on Playing Bass
Dinosaur Jr. is a band known for their incredibly dense and fuzzy wall of guitar sound summoned by guitarist/singer J Mascis. Lou Barlow, bassist of Dinosaur Jr., discusses ways that he has shaped his bass sound to accompany and enhance…
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