Taliban: Behind the Masks

Though they would eventually kidnap him, the Taliban granted journalist Paul Refsdal unprecedented access. This exclusive documentary shows us a side of the Taliban we have never seen before.

Witnesses Recall Roswell UFO Crash

“He had this club or stick … and he was beating it on his hand. Every time he would say something he would hit his hand. And he said, ‘I want you to know you were never there.’ I didn’t…

Union and Confederate Civil War Veterans Shake Hands 50 Years Later

Amazing historical movie footage from 1913 and 1938 of the 50th and 75th anniversaries of the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg during the U.S. Civil War. It is listed for the specific purpose of presenting a visual and auditory glimpse of…

The Legacy of the Tailhook Navy Sex Scandal

Military sexual assault is not a new phenomenon. A second look at the Tailhook scandal in 1991 reveals what happened then. And what it all means now. Read the story here.


From 1992, this documents what can only be described as State sponsored terrorism. This scenario has been continually repeated as we seem to be involved in every thing, everywhere, with over 900 military bases in 140 different countries or so.…

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