How Chains Are Made

Steel Chains. This video focuses on the beauty of design, specifically how attractive and fun it can be to watch a steel chain being made.

How to Make Nashville Hot Chicken

Since Channel Nonfiction is based in Nashville, Tennessee, this video was of particular interest to us. Lots of cayenne pepper powder, butter and lard are key to this recipe. Results in crunchy and peppery hot fried chicken.

‘MR. CHRISTMAS’: A Determined Holiday Decorator

An offbeat, touching portrait of a man who has spent three decades turning his small Northern California home into a beautiful, towering Christmas display people travel across the country to see. (Directed by Nick Palmer)

A Dictionary for Color: Inside the Pantone Factory

Designers and artists all over the world use Pantone’s color guides to make sure their blue is actually blue. Like a Webster’s dictionary for color, Pantone guides are a standard against which anyone can check their own work. Those standards…

Shooter’s Sandwich: Pressed Steak with Mushrooms

From FOOD WISHES, a sandwich from the days of Edwardian England. A fine snack for a gray-weather day of duck hunting.
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