Story of Eminem’s First Album ‘INFINITE’

Eminem’s debut studio album “Infinite” was released in November of 1996. “Partners In Rhyme” is the true story of “Infinite” and features never-before-seen footage of Marshall Mathers. A new, remixed and remastered version of the title track “Infinite” is available…

De La Soul Interview with The Breakfast Club

Posdnuos and Dave from De La Soul discuss the group’s 30 year career, their constant overseas touring, releasing a new album after a long hiatus and much more with The Breakfast Club. (Source: The Breakfast Club)

‘We’re Still Here (now)’: A De La Soul Documentary

De La Soul’s new album ‘and the Anonymous Nobody…’ is out now. This documentary features the group on the road talking about making a living, and the challenges of being away from their families. The short film also introduces many…

MOBB DEEP ‘The Infamous’ Documentary

Documentary on the making of Mobb Deep’s classic album “The Infamous”. Also talks about the genesis of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest groups. Featuring, co-written and co-produced by Wes Jackson.

Outkast Goes to West Palm Beach: “Us Against the World”

OutKast’s Big Boi regales us with a tale of death defiance and deliverance in this installment of our animated series “FRAMES.”(Source: Pitchfork) Director: Dan Meth
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