World Record Car Jump (No Landing Ramp)

Jacqueline Balmer set a world record car jump in 1983 at 232 feet, besting the previous record by 35 feet. She lands her car on the pavement with no ramp.

The Human Fly Challenges the Skies of Mojave

A short film about the 1970s Daredevil known as The Human Fly. A Marvel Comic book character and a real life sausage maker.

Stuntman Jumps Off Tower in Canada

A short film about stuntman Dar Robinson. The clip documents his jump, without a parachute or an airbag, off a 120-story tower relying on wire to break his fall.

The Making of ‘Waiting For Lightning’

“Waiting for Lightning,” director, Jacob Rosenberg, talks about how he got started shooting skateboarding, his relationship with Danny Way and what made him want to make the documentary. Get an insiders perspective on Danny Way’s new movie in this segment…


Watch and learn how to dive into a pool of water from 172 feet in the air. Injuries happen, and a world record is set.
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