‘November 22, 1963’: A Short Documentary About JFK Assassination by Errol Morris

In a short film by Errol Morris, Josiah “Tink” Thompson, who has been investigating the Kennedy assassination for nearly 50 years, looks to the photographic evidence. Will we ever know the truth? From The New York Times’ Op-Docs series.

The Assassination of President Kennedy

An Anthony Summers’ 1978 documentary on the assassination of President Kennedy is one of the best films on the subject, even if you may not agree with the direction it takes towards the end.

Olympic Bombing 1996: Richard Jewell was The Wrong Man

“For 88 days I lived a nightmare. For 88 days my mother lived a nightmare too. In it’s rush for the headline that the hero was the bomber. The media cared nothing for my feeling as a human being.” —…

Witnesses Recall Roswell UFO Crash

“He had this club or stick … and he was beating it on his hand. Every time he would say something he would hit his hand. And he said, ‘I want you to know you were never there.’ I didn’t…

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