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Bob Dylan at 20 on Freak Shows (5 minutes, 1962)

Posted on June 28th, by admin in Biography, Performing Arts, Popular Music. No Comments

“I‘m never going to become rich and famous” – Bob Dylan in 1962.

Dylan was just 20 years old when he appeared on the Folksingers Choice radio program on WBAI FM in New York City. He’d arrived in Manhattan just a few years earlier and was playing in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, at one in particular he was paid “a dollar plus a cheeseburger.”

During this hour-long interview with Cynthia Gooding, Dylan played some of his own songs (“The Death of Emmett Till”, “Standing on the Highway”) and covers of classics by Howlin’ Wolf, Hank Williams, and … Read More »

Russian Godfathers: The Prisoner (60 minutes, 2012)

Posted on June 25th, by admin in Crime, History, Politics. No Comments

A documentary that looks at the corruption rife within Vladimir Putin’s Russian as it relates the oil industry and many other areas.

GRIMES — En El Laberinto (10 minutes, 2012)

Posted on June 25th, by admin in Biography, Popular Music. No Comments

Grimes plays her biggest show yet at Barcelona’s San Miguel Primavera Sound 2012 Festival and talks about her interests in minimalism and mindless pop.

Directed by Winston H Case – http://bit.ly/VGnmZW
Executive Producer RJ Bentler

Woman Confronts Football Coach Over Gang Rape 18 Years Ago (2 minutes, 2016)

Posted on June 24th, by admin in Crime, Mental Illness, Sex. No Comments

But there she was Wednesday afternoon, standing in front of the University of Nebraska football team, delivering a powerful speech unlike any other the players are likely to ever hear.

Back in 1998, when Tracy was 24, she was gang-raped by four football players, she told the team.

Two of her attackers played for Oregon State University, she continued. When the charges were dropped, and the players received nothing more than a one-game suspension, their coach called the two men “really good guys who made a bad choice.” (Source: The Washington Post)

‘Hurray for the Riff Raff’ Live in New Orleans (35 minutes, 2012)

Posted on June 21st, by admin in Live Concerts. No Comments

Offbeat Magazine and Liveset have teamed up for a special collaboration to bring you one of New Orleans most loved folk bands, Hurray for the Riff Raff. This free and intimate online performance will be streamed live online from the Art House on the Levee in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Lead by Alynda Lee, a Puerto Rican raised in the Bronx, their sound is influenced by the sounds of Classic Country,1960’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, and master songwriters like Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young. Phil Alexander, the Editor-in-Chief of Mojo Magazine, raved that they “have … Read More »

Kurt Vonnegut on Man-Eating Lampreys (5 minutes, 1970)

Posted on June 20th, by admin in Biography, Writers. No Comments

In November 1970, Kurt Vonnegut walked into a class room at NYU. He was a guest speaker that day. He’d prepared some handwritten notes on what he wanted to say: there were his thoughts on the art of writing, his childhood, the death of his parents. He jumped from topic to topic as he shuffled through his papers. Sometimes his voice trailed off. He delivered punchlines with perfect timing. The class roared. Listening to this tape, we get to be flies on the wall that day. So take a seat, but your book bag down and enjoy. (Source: … Read More »

Baseball Hall of Famer Bill Veeck on His Dad (2 minutes, 1985)

Posted on June 19th, by admin in Biography, Family. No Comments

Known as “Sport Shirt Bill,” Mr. Veeck was a franchise owner and promoter for Major League Baseball. He owned at different times, the St. Louis Brown, the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians. Veeck died in 1986 from cancer, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991. (Video Source: Media Burn Archive)

MOGWAI Plays Live in Paris (66 minutes, 2014)

Posted on June 16th, by admin in Live Concerts, Rock. No Comments

MOGWAI, an instrumental rock band from Scotland, plays a Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.

‘Off The Felt’ with Playboy and Gambler Dan Bilzerian (8 minutes, 2014)

Posted on June 15th, by admin in Biography, Sex, Sports. No Comments

The gambling magazine ALL IN visits with professional poker player and playboy Dan Bilzerian. He likes shooting guns, girls, gambling and living an action-packed life full of freedom to do whatever he wants to do.

Alex Rosner: Shaping the Sound of New York City (11 minutes, 2016)

Posted on June 12th, by admin in Biography, Popular Music, Technology. No Comments

Sound designer Alex Rosner was the sonic architect and guru of some of NYC’s most legendary clubs of the 1970s. Rosner – and others like him – fundamentally changed the way we experience dance music via soundsystem designs for iconic clubs like The Loft. (Source: Red Bull Music Academy)

‘O.J.: Made in America’ Director Almost Passed on Docuseries (3 minutes, 2016)

Posted on June 12th, by admin in Biography, Film. No Comments

“When I realized I could do a deep dive into LA, race, police — it’s about America,” Ezra Edelman tells The Wrap of upcoming O.J. Simpson miniseries on ESPN. (Source: The Wrap)

Muhammad Ali Obituary ‘What’s My Name?’ (19 minutes, 2016)

Posted on June 11th, by admin in Biography, Sports. No Comments

The three-time world champion boxer Muhammad Ali has died. Current and former New York Times reporters and columnists talk about their memories of him and how he became an international icon.

Read the full print story here in The New York Times: http://nyti.ms/22JffML