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F-35: Runaway Plane (8 minutes, 2016)

Posted on February 7th, by admin in Military & War, Politics, Technology. No Comments

For decades the United States has been on a quest to perfect stealth technology, but development of the F-35 fighter jet shows just how complicated dreams can become. (Source: The New York Times)

Ruth Madoff Reveals Suicide Attempt With Husband Bernie (4 minutes, 2011)

Posted on February 5th, by admin in Crime. No Comments

Ruth Madoff speaks to Morley Safer about her husband Bernie’s crimes, saying they attempted suicide together. Also, Jim Axelrod speaks with victims of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme. (Source: CBS News

The Power of Privacy (28 minutes, 2016)

Posted on February 4th, by admin in Civil Rights, Technology. No Comments

In this film, Aleks Krotoski travels the world to undergo challenges that explore our digital life in the 21st century. (Source: The Guarding)

Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain (16 minutes, 2016)

Posted on February 2nd, by admin in Biography, Business, Drugs. No Comments

Martin Shkreli is a 32-year-old entrepreneur and company builder. A modern day Horatio Alger story, Shkreli grew up the son of two janitors in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, hustled his way into the hedge fund game, and is now worth at least $45 million. Although he made his money betting against the pharmaceutical industry, Shkreli switched to running a drug company in 2012.

In August of last year, one of his companies acquired the rights to a drug that treats an infection that effects in people with AIDS and other immunodeficiencies.

Over night, the price per pill rose by more … Read More »

Chris Crofton Comedy at The East Room – Part 2 (3 minutes, 2016)

Posted on January 30th, by admin in Comedy, Live Concerts. No Comments

Crofton says smoking pot and eating pizza leads to nothing, and that millennials are better suited for alien spacecrafts than him.

Chris lives in Los Angeles but returns often to Nashville to entertain with his comedy, emceeing, acting, hosting The Chris Crofton Show podcast, and to play his music.

Project Syria: An Immersive Journalism (Virtual Reality) Experience (4 minutes, 2014)

Posted on January 30th, by admin in Technology. No Comments

Nearly one half of Syria’s 23 million people have been displaced in its civil war and no group has been as severely affected as children. Children make up more than half of the three million refugees living in camps or makeshift housing and some news reports indicate that children are actually being specifically targeted in the violence.

Originally commissioned by the World Economic Forum and created at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, this immersive journalism piece focuses on the plight of these children. Using elements are drawn from actual audio, video and photographs taken … Read More »

The Late Show: Iggy Pop and Josh Homme Perform ‘Break into Your Heart’ (4 minutes, 2016)

Posted on January 28th, by admin in Live Concerts, Rock. No Comments

Rock icon Iggy Pop and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age recorded an album in secret and announced it for the first time tonight on The Late Show. In this web exclusive, Iggy Pop and Josh Homme perform a song off of their forthcoming album, “Post Pop Depression.” (Source: The Late Show)

Chris Crofton Comedy Live at the East Room – Part 1 (6 minutes, 2016)

Posted on January 26th, by admin in Comedy. No Comments

Chris Crofton performs at Nashville’s East Room. He talks about the downside of getting gooned up on weed, and how ISIS likes to ruin the life “chapters” of white people.

Man Jumps off Mount Everest Peak in Wingsuit (2 minutes, 2013)

Posted on January 25th, by admin in Daredevils, Sports. No Comments

Russian Valery Rozov, 48, leaps off the world’s highest peak.(ABC News)

What to Do in Havana Cuba (6 minutes, 2016)

Posted on January 24th, by admin in Travel. No Comments

With Cuba’s guarded openness to private enterprise grabbing hold, classic American cars and salsa singers now share the cityscape with new and inventive offerings in food, culture and nightlife. (Source: The New York Times)

SHEEP CONTEST (7 minutes, 2015)

Posted on January 23rd, by admin in Animals/Wildlife, Business. No Comments

In June 2015, some of the top sheep were gathered for a Best Sheep in Show contest as part of the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville.

Actor Tim Robbins Talks About Making ‘THE PLAYER’ with Robert Altman (3 minutes, 2016)

Posted on January 22nd, by admin in Food, Performing Arts. No Comments

Tim Robbins did not let opportunities to working with his cinema heroes go to waste. He reveals some of the most important lessons he learned. (Source: Off Camera)