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Timothy Leary on Why People Should Shock Their Own Minds (5 minutes, 1978)

Posted on July 24th, by admin in Drugs, Philosophy, Religion. No Comments

Timothy Leary interview by Trent Harris. Leary speaks out on freedom, LSD, religion, and more. The Nixon administration considered Leary one of the most dangerous men in the world. He was convicted of possessing less than 1/2 ounce of pot and sentenced to 30 years. Bail was $5 million dollars, at that time the highest ever set. He was eventually paroled. (Source: Trent Harris)

Patti Smith on Bob Dylan and Getting Bleeped (5 minutes, 2016)

Posted on July 23rd, by admin in Biography, Performing Arts, Rock. No Comments

“When people say fuckin‘ shit, they don‘t think of a big turd, or two people makin‘ it anymore” – Patti Smith in May 1976, as told to Mick Gold

In the spring of 1976, Patti Smith made her debut in London. She wasn’t even 30, yet. We’re going inside her hotel, the Portobello, a Bohemian place popular with the fashion biz and musicians. Several journalists are inside the room asking Patti questions. For nearly two hours Patti holds court on her love of the French poet Rimbuad that spawned her creative path while still a young woman in New … Read More »

‘White Blood Cells’ — An Annotated Look at This Classic Record (4 minutes, 2016)

Posted on July 23rd, by admin in Popular Music, Rock. No Comments

In the next episode of its new series, Pitchfork’s ‘Liner Notes,’ they take an annotated look at The White Stripes’ classic album, White Blood Cells, 15 years after its release. (Source: Pitchfork)

Snowflake, Arizona: Where the Residents are Allergic to Life (9 minutes, 2016)

Posted on July 21st, by admin in Conspiracy, Environment, Health, Philosophy. No Comments

A small community in Snowflake, Arizona, has retreated into the desert to escape modern life. Residents say they have multiple chemical sensitivities and environmental illness, which have not been scientifically proven as real illnesses by medical professionals. (Source: The Guardian)

How Snapchat’s Filters Work (5 minutes, 2016)

Posted on July 20th, by admin in Art, Business, Technology. No Comments

The engineering behind Snapchat’s augmented-reality selfies (Source: VOX)

Domestic Terrorism Hit Tahoe in 1980 with Casino Bombing (49 minutes, 2014)

Posted on July 17th, by admin in Conspiracy, Crime, Disasters. No Comments

In 1980, a maid discovered that a copy machine, placed in a busy Las Vegas casino, was actually a bomb. Agents and bomb experts were called in to disarm the deadly device and stop the dangerous extortionist who built it.

THE FBI FILES reveals the crime busting techniques and forensic science used by the FBI to solve the most baffling cases. Former head of the FBI’s New York Office James Kallstrom hosts these true stories of crime and detection.(Source: FilmRise True Crime)

MOBB DEEP ‘The Infamous’ Documentary (24 minutes, 2015)

Posted on July 16th, by admin in Hip Hop, Popular Music. No Comments

Documentary on the making of Mobb Deep’s classic album “The Infamous”. Also talks about the genesis of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest groups. Featuring, co-written and co-produced by Wes Jackson.

The Replacements Promote ‘Pleased to Meet Me’ With No Eyebrows (4 minutes, 1987)

Posted on July 15th, by admin in Rock. No Comments

Paul Westerberg, frontman for The Replacements, does most of the talking in this interview meant to promote their album “Pleased to Meet Me,” considered by many to be a classic record.

Guns N’ Roses Live at The Ritz (53 minutes, 1988)

Posted on July 10th, by admin in Live Concerts, Rock. No Comments

Axl has roses and condoms thrown at him onstage in this live show in New York City. And Slash introduces Night Train.


Posted on July 9th, by admin in Biography, Film, Performing Arts. No Comments

Director Tom Thurman brought this documentary film about actor Warren Oates to life. Fellow actors including Ned Beatty, Peter Fonda and Stacy Keach talk about what made Oates vastly different from others on screen. Oates appeared in “The Wild Bunch”(1969), “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” (1974), “Two-Lane Blacktop” (1971) and many other films. He died at the age of 53 in 1982.

Liner Notes: An Annotated Look at the Grateful Dead (5 minutes, 2016)

Posted on July 8th, by admin in Popular Music, Rock. No Comments

In a special edition of Liner Notes, Pitchfork TV brings you an annotated look at the jam band that shaped a genre, the Grateful Dead.(Source: Pitchfork)

Rod Serling on How You Cannot Go Home Again (5 minutes, 1963

Posted on July 7th, by admin in Biography, Television, Writers. No Comments

”The most unfettered imagination belongs to young people, and they don’t walk through life; they fly” – Rod Serling in 1963.

If you’ve never seen the Twilight Zone, you’re missing what might be one of the smartest and most thought-provoking television series of all-time. On the surface, it mimicked ordinary life. The pace was ordinary until challenges to the deepest fears and uncertainties that lurk inside the mind took hold.

The series ran from 1959-64 and was created by Rod Serling. The show was mesmerizing audiences across the U.S. when he was interviewed for Australian radio by Binny Lum. … Read More »