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HARD SHIP: A Really Great Big Story (23 minutes, 2016)

Posted on December 7th, by admin in Environment, Sports, Travel. No Comments

Three paralyzed men take up one of sailing’s most grueling challenges — a 750-mile race to Alaska through some of the most treacherous and remote waters on the planet. With no motors allowed and many miles from any help, the competition can be too dangerous for the world’s most fearless sailors. This team is out to prove they have what it takes to finish.

This Really Great Big Story was made in collaboration with our friends at CNN Films. It is one of 12 short films that we will be releasing throughout the year. (Source: Really Great Big Story)

Miami: Explore the Bars and the Beaches (27 minutes, 2016)

Posted on December 4th, by admin in Travel. No Comments

Miami, the city where happy hour is a lifestyle. Passport: Miami shows you a side to the city that only the locals know. Join a Cuban singer, a beach-runner and a drag queen as they open the doors to their shining, fabulous, soulful city. (Source: The Economist)

Deepwater Horizon Survivor: Chief Electronics Technician Mike Williams (31 minutes, 2010)

Posted on December 4th, by admin in Disasters, Environment. No Comments

Watch an extended version of Scott Pelley’s interview with Mike Williams, who was the chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon. He recalled the explosion, subsequent fire and his harrowing escape from the oil rig. (Source: CBS NEWS)

TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears (90 minutes, 2008)

Posted on December 4th, by admin in Biography, Rock. No Comments

“TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears” chronicles the band’s ascent to become one of the most crucial bands of the grunge era, and delves into the legal troubles that embroiled the band’s key members before its eventual disintegration. It’s an intrugiing, and tragic, story of what could have been. The hour-and-a-half documentary was produced by Ryan Short and Adam Pease and contains archival footage that spans the band’s entire career, from the club days to the arenas. Interviews with nearly all of Tad’s members past and present (save for guitarist Gary Thorstensen is a no-show) snag the spotlight, … Read More »

Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch on Their New Documentary ‘GIMME DANGER’ (10 minutes, 2016)

Posted on December 4th, by admin in Film, Rock. No Comments

On this episode of ‘VICE Talks Film,’ we sit down with Iggy Pop and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch to talk about their new documentary ‘Gimme Danger.’ The film, which has been eight long years in the making, focuses on the legendary rock band, The Stooges, and how they reinvented music as we know it. (Source: VICE)

‘COMANDANTE’ with commentary from director Oliver Stone (94 minutes, 2003)

Posted on November 30th, by admin in Biography, History, Politics. No Comments

Director Oliver Stone reveals what it was like to court Fidel Castro in order to cast him in his documentary “COMANDANTE,” the result of 30 hours worth of interviews.

Fidel Castro Documentary (98 minutes, 1971)

Posted on November 29th, by admin in Biography, History, Politics. No Comments

“FIDEL” provides a unique view of Cuba’s controversial and most polarizing leader. In 1968, Fidel Castro took filmmaker and activist Saul Landau on a weeklong jeep ride through the eastern mountains. There, he plays baseball with a group of peasants, visits his pre-school and trades jokes with a 98-year old man. Fidel also listens to the people’s concerns about food distribution, bad roads and transportation. Landau captures Cuba’s revolutionary chief early in the morning in his tent. The camera zooms in on his dirty and delicate fingernails holding his trademark cigar while he tells a story of Símon … Read More »

Fillmore (105 minutes, 1971)

Posted on November 25th, by admin in Live Concerts, Rock. No Comments

In this rock documentary, legendary promoter Bill Graham puts together a final show at The Fillmore, San Francisco’s go-to spot for innovative Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 1960s.

True Crime: A Conversation with Nanette Burstein about her New John McAfee Documentary (43 minutes, 2016)

Posted on November 22nd, by admin in Film. No Comments

In her new film, “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee,” Oscar-nominated director Nanette Burstein (The Kid Stays in the Picture; On the Ropes) investigates the mysterious and controversial life of John McAfee, who, among other things, made millions with his anti-virus software and tried to become the Libertarian candidate for the US Presidency. But while living in Belize in 2012, McAfee came under police suspicion when his neighbour was found murdered. Burstein discusses her approaches to filmmaking and the process of delving into a highly contentious true crime story with an unwilling subject and a strong air … Read More »

Leonard Cohen on Moonlight (5 minutes, 1974)

Posted on November 21st, by admin in Biography, Performing Arts, Popular Music. No Comments

“I don’t feel any compulsion just to stand under the spotlight night after night unless I have something to say“ – Leonard Cohen

One evening in December of 1974, Leonard Cohen went on WBAI FM in New York City. This radio interview has rarely been heard since the night it aired. But it’s been preserved by the Pacifica Radio Archives (http://pacificaradioarchives.org).

Cohen talked about his creative endeavors and influences during the interview, but we circled in on the conversation about his writing and his poetry. Cohen read a poem he had written nearly 20 years earlier, Two Went … Read More »

Band of Horses — Live in France (61 minutes, 2016)

Posted on November 18th, by admin in Live Concerts, Popular Music. No Comments

Ben Bridwell’s Band of Horses play live in France at the Main Square Festival in July of 2016.

Partners in Rhyme: The Story of Eminem’s First Album, ‘Infinite’ (9 minutes, 2016)

Posted on November 18th, by admin in Hip Hop. No Comments

Eminem’s debut studio album “Infinite” was released in November of 1996. “Partners In Rhyme” is the true story of “Infinite” and features never-before-seen footage of Marshall Mathers. A new, remixed and remastered version of the title track “Infinite” is available now for the first time ever.