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Bob Dylan’s ‘EAT THE DOCUMENT’ (52 minutes, 1966)

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EAT THE DOCUMENT is a documentary of Bob Dylan’s 1966 tour of the United Kingdom with the Hawks. It was shot under Dylan’s direction by D. A. Pennebaker, whose groundbreaking documentary ‘Don’t Look Back’ chronicled Dylan’s 1965 British tour. The film was originally commissioned for the ABC television series Stage ’66. It features John Lennon and Johnny Cash.

‘HOLY HELL’ — Documentary Goes Inside Los Angeles Cult (44 minutes, 2016)

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“Holy Hell,” a documentary directed by Will Allen, tells of the filmmaker’s time with the Buddhafield, a Los Angeles–based “spiritual group” he joined in the 1980s. Director Will Allen shares clips from the documentary as well as the trailer, and recalls his personal relationship with Michel, the name used at the time by the group’s leader. Allen also discusses what life was like inside the cult, why he started filming and how it all came crashing down in this episode of BYOD hosted by Ondi Timoner. (Source: Bring Your Own Doc)

New Errol Morris Short Documentary — ‘DEMON IN THE FREEZER’ (17 minutes, 2016)

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Smallpox was always present, filling the churchyard with corpses, tormenting with constant fear all whom it had not yet stricken, leaving on those whose lives it spared the hideous traces of its power, turning the babe into a changeling at which the mother shuddered, and making the eyes and cheeks of the betrothed maiden objects of horror to the lover. (1848)

— Lord Thomas Macaulay, History of England.

In the 1970s, D.A. Henderson and a group of determined scientists successfully eliminated smallpox — at least from the general population. How did they do it? Smallpox is highly contagious, but it is not spread by insects or animals. When it is gone from the human population, it is gone for good. By surrounding the last places on earth where smallpox was still occurring — small villages in Asia and Africa — and inoculating … Read More »

A clip from ‘The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs’ (6 minutes, 2015)

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[responsive_youtube rMbrKiasQMA]

Until now, the CIA has never acknowledged that it operates lethal drones. But in “The Spymasters: CIA in the Crosshairs,” the directors go off script, debating the efficacy and ethics of the classified drone warfare. For the first time ever, hear from 12 living CIA directors, Saturday, May 21, 9-11 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

U.S. Farmers Pioneer Trade With Cuba (27 minutes, 2015)

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[responsive_youtube E-CYk8IBoiY]

With an end to the US trade embargo, how will life change in Cuba? (Source: Journeyman Pictures)

‘BERN’ – Sneak Peek of a Documentary about Bernie Sanders (14 minutes, 2016)

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[vimeo id=”164472646″]Support this project by making a donation here at BernTheMovie.com and help us finish this film ahead of the June primaries. We have a unique opportunity to let Bernie tell his story, in his own words, and show voters exactly who he is and what he stands for. Together, we can give the American public a concise, accurate portrayal of Bernie by letting them watch him in action – from his days as a student activist in the 60’s to his four terms as mayor of Burlington, VT and through his careers in the U.S. House and Senate. Spread the word about this campaign by sharing it with at least FIVE people you feel need to see this film so we can get it in front of 50 million people. (Source: Bern the Movie)

SKATOPIA: Inside a Skateboard Paradise (97 minutes, 2010)

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SKATOPIA is an Appalachian farm where hardcore skating, punk rock and hillbilly culture collide. Mad-Max style demolition derbies and spontaneous car burning accompany all-night skate sessions. Pain is a badge of honor. Tony Hawk calls Skatopia a “rite of passage” for hardcore skaters. Skatopia’s owner, Brewce Martin, dreamed of a place where he could live and breathe skating—a place where people forget their “outside” lives by plunging into high-energy craziness. The movie celebrates the freedom from everyday life that Skatopia offers, but it also takes a hard look at the flip side of Brewce’s energy and charisma. (Source: SnagFilms)

Martin Scorsese on Framing (5 minutes, 1990)

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In this episode the PBS Digital Series Blank on Blank has a previously unheard conversation with legendary director, Martin Scorsese, on how he’s framed his movies and his life. The early foray into making a movie as a kid, toying with becoming a priest, and where his parents fit into all this. And wouldn’t you like to see a Scorsese Western?

PET SOUNDS: An Annotated Look at a Classic Beach Boys Album (3 minutes, 2016)

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In a new series from Pitchfork called “Liner Notes,” they take a close look at the Beach Boys classic album, Pet Sounds, 50 years after its release.

Kristen Bell Explains There is No Shame in Feeling Anxiety and Depression (4 minutes, 2016)

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Kristen Bell, known for her work on FROZEN, VERONICA MARS and most recently THE BOSS, talks about her family’s history of depression and anxiety.

JANIS: LITTLE GIRL BLUE (102 minutes, 2015)

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[iframe id=”http://player.pbs.org/viralplayer/2365726271″]

Amy Berg’s never-before-seen extended film cut with additional archival performance footage and new interviews with Janice Joplin’s sister Laura Joplin and musicians influenced by Janis: Alecia Moore (a.k.a. Pink), Juliette Lewis, Melissa Etheridge and the film’s narrator, Chan Marshall, who is best known as indie rock star Cat Power. (Source: AMERICAN MASTERS, PBS)

Kevin Smith Tells a Story About Working for Prince (31 minutes, 2000)

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Prince was a fan of Kevin Smith’s DOGMA (1999), so he asked Smith to shoot a documentary of a listening party that Prince held at Paisley Park. The project turned out to be a frustrating experience for Smith.