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The Death of Elvis Presley (50 minutes, 1979)

Posted on October 25th, by admin in Biography, Drugs, Mystery, Rock. No Comments

20/20 aired a full-hour report on the mysterious death of Elvis Presley at the age of 42. Did he really die of a heart attack? Geraldo Rivera reported the story.

Remembering Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee (8 minutes, 2014)

Posted on October 23rd, by admin in Biography, Writers. No Comments

Washington Post editor, Ben Bradlee, who was best known for leading the paper during its breaking of the Watergate scandal, died Tuesday at 93 in his home in Washington. By publishing the most controversial reports of the 1970s, Bradlee ushered the Post’s transition from a struggling local paper to a nationally revered publication. Judy Woodruff remembers Bradlee with members of Washington media.

James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge University (59 minutes, 1965)

Posted on October 20th, by admin in Civil Rights, Philosophy, Writers. No Comments

Historic debate between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge University on the question: “Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?”

The Real Gone Girl Story: Scott Peterson – A Deadly Game

Posted on October 18th, by admin in Crime, Mystery. No Comments

One of the most memorable crime dramas of our time: the murder of 27-year-old Laci Peterson at the hands of her husband, Scott, on Christmas Eve 2002.

OUT OF PRINT: The Fight For 35mm at the New Beverly Cinema (87 minutes, 2013)

Posted on October 17th, by admin in Film, History. No Comments

Out Of Print from John T. Woods on Vimeo.

A film by Julia Marchese, a former manager of the New Beverly Cinema, about the value of 35mm films. Marchese was demoted (she then quit) by the New Beverly after Quentin Tarantino, the theatre’s new owner, asked her to sign a gag order and she refused.

Not Just a Maid: The Story of Two Domestic Workers in Hong Kong (5 minutes, 2014)

Posted on October 17th, by admin in Family, Food, Travel. No Comments

The Wall Street Journal looks at the lives of two Indonesian women living in Hong Kong – how they get by gathering in a local park, and how they’ve learned to grow organic food.

Dawn of Def Jam: Rick Rubin Returns to His NYU Dorm Room (10 minutes, 2014)

Posted on October 17th, by admin in Hip Hop. No Comments

From Rolling Stone: Def Jam was started 30 years ago in Rick Rubin’s NYU dorm room. Watch him go back to the place where it all began for the very first time.

Moments That Changed the Movies: The Blair Witch Project (7 minutes, 2014)

Posted on October 16th, by admin in Film. No Comments

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Blair Witch Project and its impact on the future of movies – from sparking a found footage genre boom to its innovative use of Internet marketing.

Q&A With Laura Poitras, Director of ‘Surveillance/Snowden’ Doc “Citizenfour” (28 minutes, 2014)

Posted on October 16th, by admin in Civil Rights, Military & War, Technology. No Comments

Laura Poitras talks about “CITIZENFOUR,” her documentary about Edward Snowden, the NSA, and surveillance, during a Q&A at the 52nd New York Film Festival.

Let’s Make a Spaceship – Skrillex Documentary (36 minutes, 2014)

Posted on October 16th, by admin in Popular Music, Technology. No Comments

“Let’s Make a Spaceship – Skrillex Documentary” is a behind-the-scenes look at the building of Skrillex’s latest MotherShip tour live show, including the epic spaceship he debuted at Coachella, rocked at Lollapalooza, and zoomed around the world in.

The Education of Gore Vidal (82 minutes, 2003)

Posted on October 15th, by admin in Biography, Politics, Writers. No Comments

Gore Vidal, a writer, intellectual and want-to-have-been politician, never fails to entertain and enlighten while wielding the truth. This documentary explains his history, or how he came to be.

Bring Your Own Doc: “Keep On Keepin’ On” – A Film About Jazz Great Clark Terry (36 minutes, 2014)

Posted on October 13th, by admin in Film, Jazz. No Comments

KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, the new documentary on Clark Terry and Justin Kauflin’s unlikely jazz connection is shared with the trailer and clips by the director Alan Hicks. We discuss the bond of the musicians, the fragile health of the 93-year old jazz legend and the crippling stage fright that has stricken his young protégé, plus how Quincy Jones became a producer on the film. Director Alan Hicks shares his own connection to jazz and the big wave he rode from down under to the world of documentary in this BYOD full length interview.