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Huge Drop Jump from Roof to Roof (2 minutes, 2014, GoPro)

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GoPro cameras record stuntman Ethan Swanson’s death-defying jump off a neighborhood roof in Chicago. To stop his momentum, he slides down a slanted roof, shredding his pants, and finally tangles himself in the railing of a stairwell.

He Learned from Ernie Pyle, Then Robert Drew Taught Everyone Else How to Catch Life on Camera. He Died Today at 90. (2 minutes, 1962)

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Robert Drew (left), president and founder of Drew Associates, an independent documentary film producer, explains to an interviewer, Alfred Norrins, the new concept of journalistic filmmaking he pioneered in the late 1950s, which came to be known as American cinema verite. (Source: Jill Drew)

Drew’s 2005 film “From Two Men and A War” recalls his time as a fighter pilot in WWII. There he met and became friends with Ernie Pyle, the most well-known journalist in the United States at that time. Pyle’s writing style put his reader “there,” right on the scene. After the war, during which Pyle was shot and killed, Drew took a job at Time’s LIFE magazine. Inspired by Pyle’s work, he began editing candid still picture essays for the magazine, aiming to put his viewer “there” as Pyle did. Drew soon turned his attention to motion … Read More »

War on Weed Gone Way Wrong: Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed (24 minutes, 2014)

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This is the story of Jesse Snodgrass, a kid with Aspergers Syndrome who was entrapped by an undercover cop posing as a student at Jesse’s high school.

Billy Joel in Concert: The Stranger Tour (44 minutes, 1978)

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Joel plays Bremen, Germany, in 1978 to promote his fifth, and breakout, album, “The Stranger.” Released in September of 1977, the record featured: “Movin’ Out,” “She’s Always a Woman,” “Just the Way You Are,” “Only the Good Die Young” and “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.”

Leveraged Buyouts on Wall Street? Find Out About Henry Kravis, An LBO King (25 minutes, 2010)

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(Bloomberg) — His name is synonymous with ‘Corporate Titan.’ As co-founder of KKR, Henry Kravis re-wrote the rules of leveraged buyouts; he and his cousin George Roberts now rule over an empire that dwarfs some of the world’s mightiest public corporations. “Bloomberg Game Changers” follows Kravis’ rise from his early days in ‘bootstrap’ acquisitions, through his role in the 1988 landmark LBO of RJR-Nabisco, to KKR’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

Birth of a Guitar (5 minutes, 2012)

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Birth of a Guitar from Christopher Durai on Vimeo.

Watch Kipp Krusa craft a guitar at his shop in Bon Aqua, Tenn. The video was produced and directed by Christopher Durai. The soundtrack was written and performed by James Scott on a Baritone Krusa Guitar.

Black Coffee: The Irresistible Bean (57 minutes, 2007, Part 1 of 3)

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The beginning of a three-part documentary on coffee. It starts where coffee came from: Ethiopia, the place a goat herder named Kaldi discovered it. It moves on to the Arab world, then Turkey before it’s smuggled to India and finds its way to Holland and then Austria, where it finds filters and milk.

“Battered Bastards of Baseball”: No Bunting in this Netflix Doc (Review/Trailer)

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Independent films, yes, everybody knows about them. Indie baseball? That existed too, at least it did for five seasons in Portland, Ore., back in the ’70s. Think the baseball version of “Slap Shot,” a wild sex-and-beer-fueled hockey team from the 1977 movie starring Paul Newman.

Thankfully a man named Bing Russell gave life to the Portland Mavericks, a team that became a sanctuary for some lost souls who loved baseball. Russell – an actor on the TV show “Bonanza” for 13 years and father of Hollywood star Kurt Russell – established the “A” league team after he had finished with the entertainment business and decided to return to his first love, Minor League baseball.

The Portland Beavers, a traditional Major League-associated team, decided to call it quits on the city because of flagging attendance. Bing stepped in and formed the Mavericks. To … Read More »

Inside Story: Heaven’s Gate Cult (54 minutes, 1997, BBC)

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Heaven’s Gate members believed that the planet Earth was about to be recycled (wiped clean, renewed, refurbished and rejuvenated), and that the only chance to survive was to leave it immediately.

Black Dahlia Confidential (40 minutes, 2005, CBS’ 48 Hours)

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The murder of a young Hollywood actress is the oldest unsolved murder case in Los Angeles. New information and clues may help solve this case. “48 Hours Mystery” correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

Breaking Ball: A Father and Son’s Pitch for Baseball Glory (12 minutes, 2014, WSJ)

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Japan’s traditional high-school baseball regimen has produced some of the world’s biggest baseball stars. But critics say the tough approach borders on child abuse. Is there a better way? A Wall Street Journal short documentary by George Nishiyama.

Gene Wilder on The Truth (5 minutes, 2014, PBS Digital)

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“On stage or in the movies I could do whatever I wanted to. I was free,” said Gene Wilder in March 2007 in conversation with Ms. magazine founding editor Letty Cottin Pogrebin.