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Charlie Hebdo, Before the Paris Shooting Attack (6 minutes, 2006)

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In this short documentary filmed at Charlie Hebdo in 2006, cartoonists and editors design a satirical front page image of Muhammad.


Robin Williams on Masks (5 minutes, 1972)

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Comedian and actor Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63. In tribute, we wanted to create an animated interview short that shed a light on both his brilliant, rapid-fire, comedic mind, as well as his sensitivity and concern for the world around him. We found the perfect outtakes–vintage Robin Williams–in two interviews recorded by Lawrence Grobel for a story he wrote for Playboy magazine in 1992.


Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh (26 minutes, 2015)

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Author John Lahr talks about his newly published book on playwright Tennessee Williams, a man who drank and took drugs through most of his adult life, yet remained very productive.

Tommy Caldwell Climbs a Pitch on The Dawn Wall at Yosemite (3 minutes, 2015)

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On January 14, 2015, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson made the first free ascent of The Dawn Wall on Yosemite’s El Capitan. Watch Tommy climb pitch 15 (5.14c) in this first footage released by the film crew on the wall.

“The crux holds of pitch 15 are some of the smallest and sharpest holds I have ever attempted to hold onto,” Tommy wrote on his Facebook page. Four unique camera angles reveal those minuscule holds and the 1,300 feet of exposure under Tommy’s precarious foot placements. While multiple pitches of extremely difficult climbing remained above, the completion of … Read More »

Picture the Leviathan (21 minutes, 2012)

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(From SnagFilms) By the time he reached his mid-thirties, James Prosek was world-famous as a painter. Known for his meticulous renderings of trout, salmon and other fish, he had been called ‘the Audubon of the twenty-first century.’ He had become fascinated with our human role as predators, and it began to infuse his work.

On a visit to Cape Cod he was captivated by the spectacle of a tuna fisherman harpooning an 800-pound bluefin tuna, and by the extraordinary beauty of the animal itself. As the fish was pursued, speared, and hauled aboard, its colors flickered and flashed, almost as if illuminated from within. James realized that here was one of the ocean?s most significant and familiar species, yet few people knew what they truly looked like in the wild. Without understanding that beauty ‘without, as he says, loving the thing … Read More »

Bing Crosby Rediscovered (84 minutes, 2014)

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Bing Crosby (May 3, 1903-October 14, 1977) was, without doubt, the most popular and influential multi-media star of the first half of the 20th century. For more than three decades, through radio, film, television and records, he reigned supreme. Explore the life and legend of this iconic entertainer through never-before-seen footage and interviews with his immediate family, song writers and Tony Bennett. Narrated by Stanley Tucci, this documentary reveals a man far more complex than his public persona.

Hate Crime in Mississippi (12 minutes, 2011)

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A white teen-ager used his pickup truck to run over and kill a black man in 2011, just outside of Jackson, Mississippi, in the town of Brandon. The boy was known to be a violent racist whose actions went unchecked by the police.


Diplo Documentary – “F10RIDA” (20 minutes, 2015)

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A companion documentary for the Diplo “F10RIDA” reissue.
Directed & Edited by Torres Korlofsky
Produced by Diplo & System D-128
Original Footage of Florida Shot by
Shane Annas & Duey FM
Original Footage of Philadelphia & Random Places Shot by
Torres Korlofsky & Wesley Pentz
Diplo Florida Still Photography by
Ben Harris

Arctic Monkeys on Tour in South America (6 minutes, 2014)

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A documentary short about the 18-month world tour undertaken by the Artic Monkeys in support of their hit record “AM.”

World Series of Poker Documentary (47 minutes, 1973)

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The idea of a World Series of Poker began in 1969 with an event called the Texas Gambling Reunion. It was an invitational event sponsored by Tom Moore of San Antonio, Texas, and held at the Holiday Hotel and Casino in Reno. This inaugural event was won by Crandell Addington. The set of tournaments that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) would evolve into was the brainchild of Las Vegas casino owner and poker player Benny Binion. In 1970, the first WSOP at Binion’s Horseshoe took place as a series of cash games that included five-card stud, deuce … Read More »

Eric Clapton & His Rolling Hotel (73 minutes, 1978)

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Eric Clapton and his band toured Europe by train in 1978, and a documentary called “Eric Clapton and his Rolling Hotel” was filmed, but never released. Clapton put his band in a three-carriage train, originally at the disposal of Hermann Goering during the Nazi years in Germany, and traveled from town to town on the continent, from one concert to the next. It was an easy way to transport and house the band and equipment, and it offered ample opportunity for interviews, groups interactions, and filming. Clapton talks about his music and his works and peaks the viewers … Read More »

The Making of “Boyhood” – Twelve Years on Film (10 minutes, 2014)

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(From Texas Monthly) “Boyhood” was released this summer to great fanfare, and for good reason: No other movie has been made the same way. Shot over twelve years with the same cast, Boyhood captures a dozen years of the lives of its young stars, Ellar Coltrane and Lorelei Linklater (the director’s daughter), as well as their parents, played by Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke.