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On Netflix: Roman Polanski’s “Weekend of a Champion” – Formula 1 Racing in 1971 Monaco (Review/Trailer)

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Roman Polanski produced a documentary between the time he made the his classics “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Chinatown,” and it’s fascinating even if you’re not interested in auto racing.

Vivid and crisp, freshly colorized and restored, “Weekend of a Champion” stars Jackie Stewart racing to win and stay alive on the streets of the Monaco Grand Prix. The film was little seen after it was finished in 1971, a time when Formula 1 racing was a much more dangerous sport than it is today.

Despite all the work put into it, “Weekend of a Champion” was never officially released to the public. Instead it ended up in storage at a film lab in London and remained there for decades until Polanski got a call from the lab asking him if he wanted the film.

Polanski liked what he saw and went to work reediting … Read More »

A Marriage to Remember (8 minutes, 2014, The New York Times)

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In this short documentary, the filmmaker Banker White explores how Alzheimer’s disease has revealed the strength of his parents’ marriage.

They Are the Body Collectors: A Perilous Job in the Time of Ebola (3 minutes, 2014)

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On a recent morning, the body collectors pull up to their first stop: a dirt lot at the edge a steep hill overlooking a river. They’ve come to collect the corpse of Rachel Wleh.The men change out of jeans and sneakers into surgical scrubs and rubber boots. (Source: National Public Radio)

“40 Years on The Farm”: Documentary About Tennessee Commune Airs This Week on NPT (Preview/Trailer)

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“Forty Years on The Farm,” a look at the longest-running commune turned cooperative community in America, makes its broadcast premiere on Nashville Public Television this Thursday at 8 p.m.

The 60-minute documentary features an interview with Stephen Gaskin, founder of The Farm, who died in July. Gaskin, while working as a English teacher at San Francisco State University, organized a Monday night philosophy club – where discussions focused on how psychedelic experiences relate to religions – that turned into The Farm movement. As more hippies congregated on the West Coast, Gaskin and his new “followers” found their California home too decadent, so they formed a caravan and left for Tennessee with 300 or so of them arriving in 1971.

They purchased 1,000 acres at $70 each from a moonshiner near Summertown, Tenn., according to an article in The Tennessean. The population … Read More »

Where is Josh Harris Now? Catching Up With “We Live In Public” Star Prophet Five Years Later (12 minutes, 2014)

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(Source: A Total Disruption)
Before Mark Zuckerberg ever got his first computer, Josh Harris, founder of Jupiter Communications, had made many millions in the tech world forecasting Internet trends and predicted that we would share everything online. In 1994, Harris founded Pseudo Networks, a website for live audio and video webcasting with shows ranging from space, to hip hop, from fashion to sex. However, this was years before broadband, so the size of the show was no bigger than a postage stamp. In just a few short years, Pseudo would grow to 50 separate channels and generate 200 hours of original programming per month.

By January of 1999, Harris had leased two adjacent buildings on Lower Broadway in Manhattan which would become the site of “Quiet: We Live In Public” – named one of the Top 10 Art Installation’s ever by … Read More »

The Creation of a News Story (6 minutes, Media Burn Archive)

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Eddie Becker spends a day with Myron “Mike” Waldman, correspondent for Newsday’s Washington Bureau, as he works on a story about a bill for the extension of unemployment benefits.

Deep Water Breath Holding Camp (4 minutes, 2014)

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Red Bull athletes from surf, snow, motorsports and even a professional gamer push through their mental and physical limits in Hawaii while free diving to the bottom of the ocean, learning to hold their breath for nearly 5 minutes. Red Bull High Performance is all about pushing athletes to their limits, no matter the discipline, to foster elite performance in any high pressure situation.

The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill (59 minutes, 2014, BBC)

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As the world prepares for Kate Bush to perform solo for the first time since 1979 with a stretch of 22 sold-out shows at London’s Eventim Apollo Hammersmith, the BBC just premiered this documentary about the artist. “Before The Dawn” is the title for her upcoming shows, which run from Aug. 26 to Oct. 1. The Eventim Apollo seats 3,600. Be ready for a show. Bush likes to dance.

Couple of things you learn from the BBC doc. Tori Amos is also a fan of Kate Bush. Amos on Kate Bush’s hit song, “Running Up That Hill” – “I just remember pulling aside, I was driving. And I heard it on the radio in the states, and she didn’t get played on the radio a lot in the states. Until that song. It really got played a lot. I remember I … Read More »

Interview With Joe Torre: The Yankee’s No. 6 Looks Back (5 minutes, 2014, The New York Times)

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On Saturday, Aug. 23, the Yankees will retire Joe Torre’s number in a ceremony at Yankee Stadium. The New York Times’s Tyler Kepner recently interviewed Torre about his long baseball career.

How to Defeat OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) (35 minutes, 2006)

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Jeffrey M. Schwartz explains how to disarm OCD at conference in Britain. Schwartz is the author of the acclaimed book “Brain Lock: Free Yourself From the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder,” first published in 1996.

Bring Your Own Doc: “Dinosaur 13″ and Director Todd Douglas Miller (38 minutes, 2014)

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Amateur paleontologists discovered the largest T-Rex ever found, and “DINOSAUR 13″ tracks their unusually difficult journey through a mess of legal and academic battles to keep their discovery. We look at clips from the film and learn about the struggle of Peter Larson and his team, direct from DINOSAUR 13 director, Todd Douglas Miller in this BYOD full length episode.

Roasted: A Coffee Documentary (24 minutes, 2013)

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Roasted || A Coffee Documentary from Matt Ellenbogen on Vimeo.

“Roasted” is a documentary directed by Matt Ellenbogen. It is the story of how one man’s pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee catapulted a small surf town to the top of the coffee world.

Chuck Patton, a former community college professor living in Bird Rock, CA started roasting his own coffee beans at home in 2001. With the help of his wife Elke, he grew this hobby into a successful small business and in 2012 their shop, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters was nationally recognized as the Micro Roaster of the Year.

In the quest for better beans, Chuck led the charge for community redevelopment in Bird Rock, took on the largest coffee house chain in the world and traveled thousand of miles to find direct trade partners across the globe.