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Anatomy of a Scene – ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (2 minutes, 2015)

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Director George Miller narrates a sequence from his recently released film MAD MAX: FURY ROAD featuring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult.

Neil Diamond ‘Last Picasso’ Live in Las Vegas (5 minutes, 1976)

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Neil Diamond has got the moves in this clip. “Last Picasso” was the third single from his album “Serenade,” released in 1974.

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers (93 minutes, 2009)

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Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2010 Academy Awards, THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA: DANIEL ELLSBERG AND THE PENTAGON PAPERS catapults us back to 1971, where we find America in the grip of an all-too-familiar scenario—a dirty war based on lies. And Dr. Daniel Ellsberg, one of the nation’s leading war planners, has the documents to prove it. Armed with 7000 pages of the top secret Pentagon Papers, he leaks the truth about the Vietnam War to The New York Times—and risks life in prison to end the war he helped plan.

Director George Miller Talks ‘MAD MAX: FURY ROAD’ (23 minutes, 2015)

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“It’s not a green-screen movie, we had to shoot it for real,” said George Miller, director of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. “I think that makes the movie feel very, very authentic and all the action and so on everything you see on the screen happened. I mean we did use CG to raise harnesses, to change skies, to erase our tracks and to create a big toxic dust storm and things like that, but for the most part … It was tough, but it was worth it.”

I Photograph Whales Up Close (9 minutes, 2013)

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Documentary filmmaker David Hoffman shares his short film (made-in-a-day) about photographic artist Bryant Austin. To buy this film go to http://www.createspace.com/367430.

48 Hours: Janet’s Secret (43 minutes, 2015)

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The murder of a young Pennsylvania woman remains unsolved for 34 years – can a determined detective and new technology bring her killer to justice? (source 48 Hours/CBS News)

‘STRANDED: I’VE COME FROM A PLANE THAT CRASHED ON THE MOUNTAINS’ – Survival Tactics Astound in this Life-Affirming Doc (Review/Trailer)

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In 1972, a plane full of young rugby players jetted from Uruguay out across the Andes mountain range, their destiny a match in Chile. The atmosphere on the plane was one of raucous joy even after the plane encountered a violent storm. These were young men happy to be getting out into the world, for many it was their first flight. Their levity turned into devastation after a mountain peak tore the aircraft in half. Forty six people were on board, some died right away, others died slowly, some survived. STRANDED is the story of those who survived, … Read More »

B.B. Kings Calls This One of His Best Performances (5 minutes, 1972)

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Documentary filmmaker David Hoffman captures B.B. King’s performance at Sing Sing Prison at Ossining, New York in 1972. (This entire film is a must-see. Get it at https://www.createspace.com/204634. To reach Hoffman, send an email to allinaday@aol.com)

Norm Macdonald’s Emotional Final Appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman (8 minutes, 2015)

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Comedian Norm Macdonald performs his favorite stand-up joke of all time (written by David Letterman) as he closes out his stand-up performance on The Late Show with David Letterman on May 15, 2015.

Noel Gallagher – The British Masters (11 minutes, 2015)

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(from Noisey) Esteemed rock critic John Doran meets Noel Gallagher, in the first episode of the second season of Noisey’s The British Masters, a series where John interviews the most influential and colourful figures from British popular music history. Noel rose to unshakeable prominence with Oasis – one of the biggest rock groups the world has ever produced. With his band The High Flying Birds, he has just released a stellar second album Chasing Yesterday – which is well on its way to becoming his ninth consecutive platinum selling LP.

The second part of this interview will run on … Read More »

The Von Erichs – ‘The Wrestling Curse’ (16 minutes, 2015)

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ESPN’s unbelievable story of the Von Erichs, a famous and wildly successful wrestling family from Texas. Five of the six sons of professional wrestling patriarch Fritz “Von Erich” Adkisson are now dead. The remaining son, Kevin Von Erich has found refuge in Hawaii with his family.

‘THE INVISIBLE MAN’ – CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Speaks About His Espionage Conviction (12 minutes, 2015)

Posted on May 12th, by admin in Conspiracy, History, Military & War, Uncategorized. No Comments

This short documentary from Judith Ehrlich, nominated for an Oscar her documentary THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA: DANIEL ELLSBERG AND THE PENTAGON PAPERS (2009), features another whistleblower, Jeffrey Sterling who was sentenced this week to three-and-a-half years in federal prison after being convicted of espionage.

Sterling was charged with crimes related to the leak of classified information to New York Times reporter James Risen, who published a report in the paper that embarrassed the CIA. It disclosed a botched attempt by the agency to gum up Iran’s nuclear program by sharing faulty technological information with that country. Prior to the developments surrounding Risen’s published story, Sterling sued the CIA for racial discrimination and was fired by the agency.

Erhlich is working on a feature-length documentary about whistleblowers, THE MOUSE THAT ROARED. Watch a trailer for that upcoming film below.