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An Untold Story of the Iraq War: Torture at U.S. Commando-Run Detention Centers (51 minutes, 2013)

Posted on November 22nd, by admin in Crime, Military & War. No Comments

Former Vice President Dick Cheney backed training and expansion of commando groups in Iraq, led by a man named Colonel James Steele, that routinely tortured their captives. Militia groups like these have likely contributed to the disintegration of Iraq.

Bring Your Own Documentary: “The Overnighters” Director Talks About Making His Much-Praised Film (36 minutes, 2014)

Posted on November 21st, by admin in Film. No Comments

“The Overnighters” documentary director Jesse Moss shares the trailer, clips, and background information on the film that chronicles the oil rush to North Dakota that resulted in thousands of displaced people without opportunities, like a modern version of “Harlan County, USA.” (Source: BYOD via TheLipTV.com)

“Kids for Cash” – A Judge Who Locked Kids Up for Money Leads to Larger Truth (5 minutes, 2014, Director Interview)

Posted on November 19th, by admin in Civil Rights, Conspiracy, Crime, Family. No Comments

Robert May – known for his work as a producer of the documentaries “The Fog of War” and “Stevie” – decided to explore a story he’d heard in the news; a scandal involving a juvenile court judge named Mark Ciavarella. The judge was once a highly respected in his community for taking a “zero tolerance” policy on misbehaving teens. Ciavarella ended up jailing 3,000 kids in post-Columbine America, some for misdemeanors they didn’t commit. “Cash for Kids” dissects the court cases, reports the impact of this corrupt judge, and works to pin down whether money was his only motivation. Surprisingly, Ciavarella and another judge involved agreed to be interviewed for the film. Overall, “Kids for Cash” goes beyond the scandal to reveal bigger problems in the juvenile justice system.

The film is one of the 134 up this year for an … Read More »

LIFE OF CRIME – PART 1 (53 minutes, 1989)

Posted on November 18th, by admin in Biography, Crime, Drugs. No Comments

Directed by Jon Alpert, “Life of Crime” follows a trio of drug addicts thieving their way through the streets of Newark, N.J. The documentary first aired on HBO. Alpert followed up his groundbreaking film with “Life of Crime – Part 2,” which catches up with the men as they try to clean up their lives.

Crime Writer Ann Rule Talks About Murderers (16 minutes, 1998)

Posted on November 17th, by admin in Crime, Writers. No Comments

“Even in murder women demand more foreplay,” says Ann Rule. Rule first came to prominence with her book “A Stranger Beside Me,” which was about serial killer Ted Bundy. Ann – whose books, which include “Small Sacrifices” about Diane Downs, are based on real-life crimes – explains what type of cases she is attracted to and which characteristics she looks for in the main protagonists, most of whom are usually charming sociopaths. (Source: Allan Gregg In Conversation)

The Scourge of Heavy Metal Music (16 minutes, 1987, 20/20)

Posted on November 15th, by admin in Rock, Television. No Comments

Stone Phillips, a Yale graduate turned reporter, digs deep into the rise of Heavy Metal music and how it is affecting teenagers. Suicide, moshing and other “sick behavior,” plus Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and more.

Noel Gallagher on Russell Brand and Partying with Morissey (6 minutes, 2014)

Posted on November 14th, by admin in Rock. No Comments

Chief songwriter for Oasis and High Flying Birds, Noel Gallagher is interviewed by the website Noisey. Gallagher talking about anything is entertaining as hell.

Documentary Filmmaker Roundup (75 minutes, 2014, The Hollywood Reporter)

Posted on November 13th, by admin in Biography, Film. No Comments

Some of the hottest documentary filmmakers of 2014 talk to The Hollywood Reporter about their work at the Savannah Film Festival.

Tim and Susan Have Matching Handguns (2 minutes, 2014)

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Love is swapping clips with your spouse in the middle of a Three-Gun Problem. Watch more short films curated by Sundance Institute: Sundance Film Festival on Youtube. This short is presented by Oscilloscope Laboratories and was produced by Dave and Suzette Munson in association with Saddleback Films.

That Super Old Skatepark Deep in the Sierra (4 minutes, 2014)

Posted on November 8th, by admin in Skateboarding. No Comments

Four guys go hiking and fishing in phenomenally beautiful country in search of an old skatepark. Video was shot by Brandon Rein in the Sierra Nevada mountain chain of Northern California, just outside South Lake Tahoe.

How to Make Pumpkin Soup (2 minutes, 2013, The New York Times)

Posted on November 8th, by admin in Food, How To Videos. No Comments

For Thanksgiving, André Soltner prepares a version of pumpkin soup that he watched his mother make over 75 years ago. The creamy soup is served in a pumpkin and garnished with croutons.

SEVENTEEN (120 minutes, 1982)

Posted on November 6th, by admin in Civil Rights, Family, Television. No Comments

“Seventeen” is a documentary about teen-agers from Muncie, Indiana, shot for PBS television as a six-part show in the early 1980s by Joel DeMott and Jeff Kreines. None of it was ever broadcast because its corporate sponsor, IBM, didn’t like it, according to Amanda Micheli, who wrote about it in 2009 for Documentary.org. You can find that article here. Still it won the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at Sundance in 1985. Check it out.