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Evel Knievel’s Australian Angels (7 minutes, 1979)

Posted on February 16th, by admin in Daredevils. No Comments

World renowned stuntman Evel Knievel helped train some Australian angels in the ways of motorcycle jumping. One woman crashes, another runs into the TV camera.

ADVICE KING – Dating an Entertainment Lawyer (4 minutes, 2017)

Posted on February 15th, by admin in Comedy. No Comments

Advice King tells Jerry from Santa Clarita to date a public defender, and that 60 percent of Americans are part-time baristas.

Fall in Love with Stevie Nicks as She Sings ‘Wild Heart’ (5 minutes, 1982)

Posted on February 12th, by admin in Live Concerts, Popular Music. No Comments

Stevie Nicks with some backup jumps into an impromptu rendition of her single “Wild Heart” during a Rolling Stone photo shoot sometime around 1982. Nicks released the single in 1983 on her second solo album “The Wild Heart.”

What is Direct Trade Coffee? (16 minutes, 2014)

Posted on February 10th, by admin in Business, Food. No Comments

Is Trump a Populist Authoritarian? (4 minutes, 2017)

Posted on February 9th, by admin in History, Politics. No Comments

It’s a good time to be a populist authoritarian—in the Western world, politicians who pledge to govern this way are gaining strength, and Donald Trump is hardly an exception. So, what kinds of populist and authoritarian leanings does he have? Atlantic staff writer Uri Friedman goes through the checklist in this video. Claiming to exclusively embody the will of the people rather than the establishment? Trump does that. Favoring harsh measures to protect the homeland against external threats? He does that, too. However, the United States is one of the oldest democracies in the world. Will the nation’s … Read More »

CHICAGO BLUES (49 minutes, 1972)

Posted on February 8th, by admin in Blues. No Comments

Documentary about Chicago Blues and the migrating black community that brought it there. Made in 1972 the political tensions of the late 60s are still a pervasive presence but it makes for an edgy and atmospheric portrayal of the era and the music. With Muddy Waters, Johnnie Lewis, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, J.B. Hutto, Junior Wells, Floyd Jones.. (Source: MrFataliste)

Robbie Robertson Talks About Meeting Sonny Boy Williamson (11 minutes, 2011)

Posted on February 5th, by admin in Biography, Blues. No Comments

Robbie Robertson talks on The House of Blues Radio Hour about heading into Helena, Arkansas with bandmate Levon Helm to meet and spend time with Sonny Boy Williamson. In telling the story, Robertson uses language (in context) that may be offensive to some. (Source: The Blues Mobile Video)

**Extra – Sonny Boy Williamson playing “Keep it To Yourself.”

Black Sabbath Live in Paris (56 minutes, 1970)

Posted on February 3rd, by admin in Live Concerts, Popular Music. No Comments

Black Sabbath were filmed live at L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix in Paris performing songs from the first album and Paranoid on 20 December 1970.

0) Show intro / setting up for concert
1) Paranoid
2) Hand of Doom
3) Iron Man
4) Black Sabbath
5) N.I.B.
6) Behind the Wall of Sleep
7) War Pigs
8) Fairies Wear Boots