1986 Heavy Metal Frontman Defends His Music

Back in 1986 when David Hoffman had a film company in Maine, he looked for new ideas all the time. He went to nearby Belfast Maine to film a battle of the bands with local heavy metal and hard rock…


I Am Sorry from Christopher Durai on Vimeo. Ex-Davidson County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Sykes speaks out through spoken word poetry about a system that has resulted in the deaths of so many black men, women and children.

Male Stripper Interview: Meet Masin Knox

Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Mason Knox, a male stripper in Las Vegas. (Source: Soft White Underbelly)

Target Video: ‘We Were There to Be There’

Taking place as cuts to crucial social services loom under Ronald Reagan, two legendary punk bands come together to perform a show for patients and staff at a psychiatric facility. Captured on tape by seminal video art collective Target Video,…

Where Do White People Come From?

A Review of “Killing In Thy Name” a Rage Against the Machine and The Ummah Chroma Collaboration By Chris Durai The concept of a cross burning has always confused me. In RATM’s new video, self described as “a fire escape…

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