A short documentary about Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, Virginia. The studio was a second home for Fugazi and other artists of Dischord Records. (Credit: Bryan Davis)

Herbert Nitsch, The Deepest Free Diver on Earth

Austrian Herbert Nitsch is the current freediving world record holder and is a.k.a. “the deepest man on earth.” Watch and see what happens when you push yourself to the limit. (Source: WMX Presents)

JFK Assassination: A Witness Remembers

A witness to the murder of President John F. Kennedy, Pierce Allman, recounts the booming gun, the first lady’s screams and a conversation with Lee Harvey Oswald. (Source: LA Times)

Ethan Lim: Cambodian Futures in Food

This is Culinary Futurism. Filmmaker Dustin Nakao-Haider follows Chicago-based chef Ethan Lim as he creates vibrant dishes inspired by the rich, complex history of Cambodia. Drawing on his family’s culinary legacy of over half a century, Lim’s award-winning cooking imagines…

Why This Billionaire is Spending Millions to be Young Again

Blueprint is a public science experiment to determine whether it’s possible to stay the same biological age. This requires slowing down aging processes as much as possible and then reversing the aging that has happened. Currently Bryan Johnson’s speed of…
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