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Ueli Steck: The Swiss Climbing Machine (7 minutes, 2010)

Posted on April 30th, by admin in Biography, Sports. No Comments

Ever heard of big mountain speed climbing? Ueli Steck pretty much invented it. He died on Mount Everest this weekend. (Source: Mountain Hardwear)

The 8mm Films of Photographer Vivian Maier (3 minutes, 2013)

Posted on April 25th, by admin in Film, Photography and Video. No Comments

A rare glimpse of the late street photographer’s 1970s moving image work. These fragile, observational clips uncover Vivian Maier’s largely unseen experimentation with film. The New York-born photographer spent 40 years working as a nanny in Chicago, simultaneously fostering a secret passion for image-making that led her to document the urban life of America, enjoying her productive peak in the 50s and 60s.

“Vivian saw details that pass us by in everyday life,” says director, curator and the primary caretaker of Maier’s oeuvre, John Maloof. When the photographer died in 2009 aged 83, the tens of thousands of images that she amassed during her lifetime were only just beginning to be discovered. After winning a bid for 30,000 of Maier’s negatives in a Chicago auction house in 2007, it took six months for Maloof to realize the importance of what … Read More »

Comedians Have Figured Out the Trick to Covering Trump (7 minutes, 2017)

Posted on April 24th, by admin in Comedy, Politics, Television. No Comments

While major news networks have struggled to figure out the right way to cover the Trump administration, political satirists like Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers have demonstrated why comedy can be such a powerful antidote to bullshit.

The first few months of the Trump administration have been a goldmine for late-night comedians and political satirists. Shows like Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night With Seth Meyers have enjoyed ratings boosts thanks to their regular lampooning of the Trump White House.

But beyond the jokes and sight gags, political satirists have done … Read More »


Posted on April 19th, by admin in Comedy, Drugs. No Comments

Advice King Christopher Crofton writes a column for the Nashville Scene. Sometimes those columns are made into videos. In this episode, the King tells one of his readers named Clem about the dangers and challenges of using cocaine.

Welcome to the Jungle (44 minutes, 2017)

Posted on April 12th, by admin in Environment, Health, Travel. No Comments

The first episode of a new docu-series from director Ondi Timoner about an upstart town being built in the middle of the Panamanian jungle.

Author Charles Bukowski on Dying, Writing and Malcolm Lowry (4 minutes)

Posted on April 10th, by admin in Biography, Drugs, Writers. No Comments

Charles Bukowski, is, of course, a brilliant writer, but he was also beyond great when he spoke. In this clip he describes how it’s necessary to keep “the juice” in your sentences while living through the Atomic Age.

Don Rickles on The Late Show with David Letterman (5 minutes, 2015)

Posted on April 6th, by admin in Comedy. No Comments

Don Rickles tells the world how much he likes Howard Stern, while insulting David Letterman, in this his final performance.

Steven Spielberg Watches the Oscar Nominations (3 minutes, 1976)

Posted on April 6th, by admin in Film, Photography and Video. No Comments

Steven Spielberg and his buddies are filmed while they watch the announcement of the Academy Award nominations in 1976, the year that JAWS was released. (Source: MediaBurnArchive)