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The Real Dog Day Afternoon: Bank Robbery in New York City

The actual original broadcast of the strange but true bank robbery in Brooklyn, New York in August of 1972 which was later made into the legendary and classic 1975 film starring Al Pacino, Dog Day Afternoon. Harry Reasoner recounts the…

Bombing At Harvey’s Casino in 1980

Retired Special Agent Chris Ronay describes the FBI’s role in the investigation of an “undefeatable” 1,000-pound bomb at Harveys Lake Tahoe casino in 1980. It was planted by John Birges, who owned a bankrupt business and had lost money gambling…

I AM A FISH HEAD: Psychopaths in the Workplace

“I AM A FISH HEAD” is a chilling documentary about how psychopathic behavior is rewarded in today’s corporate business culture.

The Beautiful Mind of John Nash: A Documentary on His Genius and Battle with Mental Illness

John Nash was a mathematician and genius that the Hollywood movie “A Beautiful Mind” is based on. Nash had schizophrenia, but he still managed to have a fascinating life.

Just Melvin, Just Evil: A Documentary About Sexual Abuse

“Just Melvin, Just Evil” is a documentary about the tormented family of Melvin Just, a man almost too evil to be believed. It details their experiences of sexual abuse by Just, which took place for decades, and reveals a murder…
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