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Dog Teaches Puppy to Use the Stairs

Watch this puppy learn how to take the stairs from his bigger and older brother.

The Rise and Fall of the Gambino Crime Syndicate

“The Rise & Fall of the Gambino Crime Family” documents the formation of the Gambino crime mafia and its fall after boss John Gotti, the “Teflon Don,” rises to power.

Alex Gibney Doc on Lance Armstrong in Post Production

ALEX GIBNEY’S powerhouse of a documentary studio, Jigsaw Productions, is nearly finished with “LANCE ARMSTRONG: THE ROAD BACK.” It documents his 2009 comeback competing in the Tour de France. In light of the cyclist’s pending doping confession, to be broadcast…

‘PUNCHED OUT’: The Life and Death of Hockey Enforcer Derek Boogaard

This is a three-part 36-minute documentary produced by The New York Times about Derek Boogaard, a hockey player for N.Y. Rangers, who packed one of the hardest punches in the league. Eventually all of those punches caught up with him.

‘LONELY BOY’: A Short Documentary About the Early Days of Teen Idol Paul Anka

One of the biggest teen idols of the late ’50s, Paul Anka moved to the adult sphere several years later and became a successful performer, songwriter, music businessman, and recording artist, remaining so well into the new millennium. Born in…
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