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‘DEAR ZACHARY’ Epilogue Posted by Filmmaker

This short documentary chronicles the completion and release of the feature documentary “Dear Zachary: a letter to son about his father” (2008) and the subsequent journey to amend the Canadian criminal code. It is intended as an epilogue to “Dear…

Jim Morrision on Why Fat is Beautiful

“What’s wrong with being fat? That’s what I want to know.” – Jim Morrison Interview by Howard Smith / Los Angeles, 1969

Bring Your Own Doc: What’s Fair Use In a Documentary? Top Attorney Explains

With a maze of copyright laws to navigate, filmmakers need a hand in editing their movies to get them legally up to snuff. For this reason, Ondi and Vlad brought doc advocate and entertainment lawyer Michael C. Donaldson to clarify…

AMERICAN PIMP: Outtakes With Bradley

From the Hughes brothers. Outtakes from “AMERICAN PIMP,” one of the best documentaries of all time.
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