Ruby Ridge Documentary: An American Standoff

When armed suspects stand off against the law today, one event continues to cast a shadow on both sides of the police line: the 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge. (Source: The New York Times Retro Report)

The Nanny Murder Trial

In 1997, a young British nanny charged with murder brought shaken baby syndrome into the national spotlight, and raised a scientific debate that continues to shape child abuse cases today. (Source: The New York Times’ Retro Report)

Jack Kevorkian and the Right to Die

Jack Kevorkian’s unorthodox methods drew attention to assisted suicide. Decades later, Americans still struggle with whether doctors should be allowed to help suffering patients end their lives.

Napster Documentary: Culture of Free

In 1999, a file-sharing program created in a Boston dorm room sent shock waves across the music industry and served notice that a major cultural shift was underway. (Source: The New York Times)


“I mean you’re talking about something really bizarre which is human beings teaching a whale to be a whale. The fact that maybe we aren’t able to do that is I think in its own way a good lesson in…
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