Benoît Mandelbrot: The Father of Fractals

Celebrate the life of Benoit B. Mandelbrot, a mathematical genius and Fractal Pioneer. In this final interview shot by filmmaker Errol Morris, Mandelbrot shares his love for mathematics and how it led him to his wondrous discovery of fractals.

INDEPENDENT LYNCHBURG: A ‘Branded’ Documentary About Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

A short “branded” documentary about making Jack Daniels Whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee. You meet some employees, and catch a glimpse of how and where the liquor is made.

JERRY’S DELI: Portrait of a Cantankerous Chicago Business Owner

“The customer walks in the door he must give his order immediately. If not, sometimes I push him back out to read the menu on the outside. If it’s too cold I let him stand there but I force him…

Olympic Bombing 1996: Richard Jewell was The Wrong Man

“For 88 days I lived a nightmare. For 88 days my mother lived a nightmare too. In it’s rush for the headline that the hero was the bomber. The media cared nothing for my feeling as a human being.” —…

‘PARAÍSO’: Immigrant Window Cleaners at Work in Chicago

“I’m not rich, but I do know that if my parents became sick I could help them. And I know if I was in Mexico, I wouldn’t be able to do that as easily.” – Sergio Polanco, Window Cleaner
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