Notorious: Ghislaine Maxwell

Part 1: Ghislaine Maxwell grows up privileged before meeting Jeffrey Epstein. She is the daughter of a billionaire media mogul. Not only was she was given jobs in her father’s businesses, but she was also given a soccer team and…

BROKEN: A podcast about Jeffrey Epstein – Ep. 1 “Their Day in Court”

“Broken” is a new podcast (produced by Hollywood filmmaker Adam McKay) about the Jeffrey Epstein case. Epstein was a millionaire pedophile with powerful connections on Wall Street and Washington D.C. (Source: Stitcher)

Journalist Jane Mayer On The ‘Many Mysteries’ In The Accusations Against Al Franken

Senator Chuck Schumer asked Senator Al Franken to resign his elected seat before he even had an ethics hearing. Journalist Jane Mayer took a closer look at the story and the allegations of sex misconduct leveled at this comedian turned…

The Unmaking of Canadian Broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi of Q

He was the breakout success the CBC needed and there was a time Jian Ghomeshi was everywhere – on radio, TV, hosting award galas and specials. Still there were whispers and allegations. Ghomeshi was recently arrested on sex assault charges…

The Legacy of the Tailhook Navy Sex Scandal

Military sexual assault is not a new phenomenon. A second look at the Tailhook scandal in 1991 reveals what happened then. And what it all means now. Read the story here.
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