Liner Notes: An Annotated Look at the Grateful Dead

In a special edition of Liner Notes, Pitchfork TV brings you an annotated look at the jam band that shaped a genre, the Grateful Dead. (Source: Pitchfork)

Michael Jackson Returns to Hometown, Gives Away KFC

Freddie Gibbs tells the tale of Michael Jackson’s return to Gary. (Source: Pitchfork FRAMES) Directed by Mack Williams Executive Producer RJ Bentler

Outkast Goes to West Palm Beach: “Us Against the World”

OutKast’s Big Boi regales us with a tale of death defiance and deliverance in this installment of our animated series “FRAMES.”(Source: Pitchfork) Director: Dan Meth

CERRONE: Drummer Who Influenced DJs and Rap Artists

A short documentary from Pitchfork about a legendary drummer from Europe named Cerrone who was inspired by a Jimi Hendrix concert in Paris. Cerrone invented sampling, pioneered disco beats and he’s credited with inventing tribal house music.

Diplo Documentary: ‘F10RIDA’

A companion documentary for the reissue of Diplo’s “F10RIDA.” Directed and Edited by Torres Korlofsky
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