The Sound of Gravity

Albert Einstein had a theory. These scientists proved it a century later. (Source: New York Times Op-Docs)

Imposing journalist Molly Ivins is sorely missed these days, doc helps us remember why

By Gregory Crofton Good journalists can be a check on political power. In the day and age of President Donald Trump, a stalwart journalist and advocate of citizen rights like Molly Ivins is something we as a country are sorely…

A Conversation With My Black Son

[iframe id=””] In this short documentary, parents reveal their struggles with telling their black sons that they may be targets of racial profiling by the police.

The Greatest Bowling Story Ever Told

On one ordinary night everything might change for Bill Fong, an underdog bowler, as he begins to get strike after strike. Will he attain the “perfect series,” or buckle under the pressure?

The Courtroom Sketch Artist

This short documentary from The New York Times captures the rise and fall of a courtroom sketch artist in Texas. (Produced by: Ramtin Nikzad)

Being 35 and Single

An Argentine woman, documenting her relationships, begins an intimate investigation searching for love and answers: must she settle down or continue to be a free spirit in order to be happy?
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