A.P. Carter and the Beginning of Country Music Flows From ‘The Winding Stream’

By Gregory Crofton You might have heard about the beginning of Country music and a family called the Carters. Being based in Nashville for the last 16 years, I certainly had. I took a drive to Hendersonville, about 20 minutes…

Johnny Cash on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes journalist Harry Reasoner visits Johnny Cash at his home in Hendersonville, Tenn., on Old Hickory Lake. They talk about his struggle with drug dependency.

The Making of Johnny Cash’s ‘American Recordings’

Producer Rick Rubin brought the best out of Johnny Cash in 1994 when he asked the singer to sit down in front of microphone and sing the songs he wanted to sing.

Pete Seeger Preparing for The Johnny Cash Show

Pete Seeger preparing for his appearance on the Johnny Cash ABC-TV show (after the controversy regarding “Waist Deep In The Big Muddy” on The Smothers Brothers Show). Rather grainy footage from a film-print transfer of the long out-of-print documentary “A…

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