Coroner said Brian Jones Drowned in Fresh Water, so Why was this Rolling Stone Found in the Pool?

By Gregory Crofton When Brian Jones, a gifted multi-instrumentalist, first moved to London from the burbs of Britain he took “Elmo Lewis” as a stage name, a tribute to his heroes legendary bluesmen Elmore James and Robert Johnson. Jones drew…

Interview With a Murderer: Anthony George on the death of Adam Kargus from ‘The Fifth Estate’

In 2013, 29-year-old inmate Adam Kargus left the Eglin-Middlesex Detention Centre (EMDC) in a body bag. His death was caught on tape. His killer, his cellmate and EMDC regular Anonthy George. He agreed to an interview with Fifth-Estate co-host Habiba…

‘TWO-HEADED COW’: The Story of Dexter Romweber

TWO-HEADED COW from Charles F. Wing on Vimeo. A documentary about Flat Duo Jets frontman Dexter Romweber. Directed by Tony Gayton and edited (and partially shot) by Charles Wing.
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