Lost Tapes of ‘Studio 17’ deliver unheard reggae music from legendary artists

By Gregory Crofton In the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, reggae took root above Randy’s Record Mart. In the late 1950s, a second-hand record store owned by Vincent “Randy” Chin became a “watering hole” for musicians and songwriters. Chin had gotten…

Climate Change: The Facts

Sir David Attenborough and the BBC take a straight look at Global Warming after one of hottest years on record. (Source: BBC)

Getting to Know Bob Dylan

A BBC film about Bob Dylan’s starring role in the movie HEARTS OF FIRE, directed by Richard Marquand and co-starring Fiona and Rupert Everett. (Source: Christopher Sykes)

Prince: Hunting for His Secret Song Vault

The American pop musician Prince is rumoured to have a large collection of unreleased music locked away inside a vault. For years fans have speculated about whether the stories are true and just how much music there may be. The…

Getting to Bob Dylan

Filmed in Bob Dylan’s trailer while he was working on the Hollywood movie “HEARTS OF FIRE,” in which Dylan played a retired rocker called Billy Parker. This clip is part of a BBC ‘Omnibus’ documentary called ‘Getting to Dylan’ (1987).

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