Inside the White House on 9/11

A stark glimpse at history unfolding: The National Archives recently released never-before-seen photos of the Bush administration on 9/11 in response to a FOIA request filed on behalf of FRONTLINE by Colette Neirouz Hanna of the Kirk Documentary Group. Explore…

Taliban: Behind the Masks

Though they would eventually kidnap him, the Taliban granted journalist Paul Refsdal unprecedented access. This exclusive documentary shows us a side of the Taliban we have never seen before.

Behind the Scenes at Memorial Museum for 9/11

Short documentary from 2013 by The New York Times about the 9/11 Memorial Museum that opened in New York City.

THE GATEKEEPERS: Wait, Watch It At Home

“THE GATEKEEPERS” is a documentary film full of meaning and explanation. It educates Americans, and reveals and puts into context what’s going on between Israel and Palestine, something that is direly needed. The images – “terrorists” hands zip-tied behind their…
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