Poet Sylvia Path Interviewed in 1962

Sylvia Plath, author of The Bell Jar, lived with severe depression until she died from suicide at 30. “I think the actual experience of writing a poem is a magnificent one,” Plath says in the interview. She and her husband…

‘WHAT DOESN’T KILL ME’: Vic Chesnutt Documentary

Directed by Scott Stuckey. Vic Chesnutt was an accomplished American singer-songwriter from Athen, Georgia. Paralyzed from a drunken driving accident, Chesnutt died from suicide at 45 in 2009.

Actor Sterling Hayden Gets Truthful on his Barge the ‘Pharos of Chaos’

By Gregory Crofton Let’s hang out with sailor and Hollywood heartthrob Sterling Hayden on his boat for two hours … why not? You get to watch him say mesmerizing things like this: “My world was the sea hm? And the…

The Baron of Botox

On April 5, 2015, cosmetic dermatologist to the stars Dr. Fredric Brandt is found hanging from an electrical cord at his home in Coconut Grove, Florida. Who or what led to his untimely demise? (Source: TuneIn) Duration: 00:31:14

New York City Cab Drivers: ‘Days of Black and Yellow’

New York cab and black car drivers are facing economic and emotional hardship in a city dominated by ride-share apps. As these long standing industries are decimated by economic and political forces, drivers are forced to cope or fight back.…

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