‘DANNY SAYS’ is Electric as Its Subject, Press Agent and Rock Impresario Danny Fields

By Gregory Crofton Loved this documentary. Hard to get past the flatline of a title (which works only after you’ve seen the film) but once you press play, it’s like a fuse that burns just long enough for you to…

Ian Brown of The Stone Roses Has His Portrait Painted

Convicted art forger John Myatt paints Ian Brown of The Stone Roses, and talks to him about his life as a famous artist.

Sun Records Founder Sam Phillips with David Letterman

Sam Phillips is never an easy interview and with David Letterman it’s no different. He tells Letterman he’s got a beautiful set of bucked teeth. “How do you use bucked teeth and make a million dollar?s” Phillips says. “You know…

Grand Funk Railroad Documentary

Grand Funk Railroad’s name is a play on words of the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, a railroad line that ran through the its home town of Flint, Michigan. This documentary short reveals the lighter side of this American Rock ‘n’…

Muscle Shoals Studio Founder Rick Hall Answers Questions at Belcourt Theatre

After a special screening of the “MUSCLE SHOALS” documentary at the Belcourt, FAME Studios founder Rick Hall answered questions from the packed house. Music journalist Craig Havighurst moderated the event.

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