Poet and People Connector Rose Styron Savors Each Summer on Martha’s Vineyard

By Gregory Crofton Rose Styron has a natural elegance about her. While she describes herself as maybe a little “pollyannaish,” others just call it being “In the Company of Rose.” That’s the name of a new documentary on her life…

Interview with Jim Morrison’s Father and Sister

This interview is from “When You’re Strange” DVD bonus material.

KRS-One: A Poet Becomes a Rapper for Good Reasons

In the late 1980s, KRS-One did this interview with David Hoffman on the phone using his very early home video rig. This clip is from his film “Personal Ethics.” The decisions of a few individuals can make momentous changes to…

Clip from ‘Chuck Berry Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll’

“Chuck Berry came to me to ask about changing the name from the Johnnie Johnson Trio to Chuck Berry Trio which was perfectly OK with me because Chuck was more of a go-getter and seemed to know more about the…

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