BRING YOUR OWN DOC: ‘BLACKFISH’ Director Talks Orcas and Filmmaking

“Of course it reminds me of “The Cove” upon seeing it, the expose element, the sea animal element, but it’s very different,” says Ondi Timoner, host of BYOD. “They had some dealing with the Seaworld corporation but you really plunged…

More then $40 Million Raised for Docs Via Kickstarter

By Gregory Crofton Nothing gets work done faster than money. Raising a big chunk, say $70,000 to spend on a documentary without having to answer to a financier used to be unheard of, but no longer. Filmmakers are turning to…

Bring Your Own Doc: Jeff Feuerzeig Talks His Real Rocky Film and the One He Made About Daniel Johnston

Listen to one of the best documentary filmmakers working today, Jeff Feuerzeig, speak about his work on Bring Your Own Doc, including “The Real Rocky.”
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