In ‘Weed & Wine’ Meet Two Artisan Families, One makes French Wine, the Other California Cannabis

By Gregory Crofton The documentary “Weed & Wine,” a selection at this year’s DOC NYC, is part of its director’s mission to help normalize the marijuana business. Rebecca Richman Cohen’s new film juxtaposes the daily lives of a long-time wine…

‘TO MAKE A FARM’ Shows Small-Scale Healthy Farming and Lush Northern Landscapes

By Shelly Winifred Barger Documentary filmmaker Steve Suderman resumes his examination of small scale farmers in his most recent work, TO MAKE A FARM. Previously, OVER LAND (2008) explored his family’s farming challenges during a decade of increasing debt and…

A Sharecropper’s Voice: Odell McNeal

Odell McNeal is interviewed about his days working as a sharecropper in Mississippi in the 1940s and 1950s. He breaks down when he tries to talk about how hard his mother worked to raise her family.
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